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Earwax 101: Why Earwax is Important for You?

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Earwax 101: If you have been active on social media, you might know that the viral trend of ear cleaning is doing the rounds and tempting people to hop on this trend. And since you are reading this article, we know that you are also looking to jump on the ear cleaning bandwagon.

If such is the case, you might be tempted to use the regular methods of cleaning your ears such as Q-tips, steel pick tools, and such. But we warn you, using those methods of cleaning your ear just to try the viral trend might not turn out the way you want. Before you start picking your ear and the viral trend, you need to know a little about earwax and what is the safest method.

Earwax 101

So, let’s go back to high-school biology! Lesson 101 states that earwax is naturally produced by the glands in our ear. This is also known as cerumen. Earwax is required to trap any foreign material and dead skin cells. This prevents such unwanted material from going inside your body. Also, earwax is crucial to prevent the eardrum from any damage.

So, you can say that your ear is self-cleaning. And producing earwax is a way to ensure that your eardrum is protected. Now, usually, most people won’t be bothered about earwax as it will not affect their hearing ability. However, sometimes overproduction of earwax can cause problems in hearing and create pressure on the eardrum. This is when you need to clean out the earwax.

Now, if you don’t have too much earwax, we would suggest you refrain from cleaning your ear. But if you have an overabundance of ear wax, you can get AURIS, an ear cleaning camera.

AURIS is amongst the select few ear cleaner cameras. That will give you an efficient way to clean your ears without much hassle. And you won’t be digging inside your ear blindly, instead. You can get a complete visual of the ear with AURIS. This ear cleaner camera is made with the latest technology giving it ease of use to clean your ear. The ear cleaner camera has an HD camera that allows you to take clear photos and videos of the ear. AURIS has been rated #1 and approved by doctors for use at home. So, check out AURIS now.

About AURIS:

AURIS is a high-quality ear cleaner camera that makes ear cleaning at home easy and hassle-free.


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