Duct Cleaning in Bundoora: How to Keep Your Home Ducts Clean

Duct cleaning bundoora

What is duct cleaning?

Duct cleaning involves removing dust, pollen, mold, bacteria, and other debris from the inside of your home’s air ducts, not just the outside surfaces. It also includes removing residual oil or soap scum, along with repairing and replacing any parts that are damaged, not just cleaning them. Here are some more commonly asked questions and answers about duct cleaning: How is duct cleaning done? In most cases, it is a professionally performed repair-and-replace task. However, some duct cleaning companies perform this kind of cleaning on an on-site basis. You may want to ask these companies specific questions to determine which way is right for you. Is duct cleaning legal? It is legal to clean ducts. However, it is illegal to use harmful chemicals in cleaning them.

Duct cleaning is an essential part of the home maintenance. In some cases, ducts need to be cleaned and checked regularly. Other times, these ducts are in bad condition and require treatment to prevent problems like burst pipes or condensation that can damage pipes. The cleaning process involves removing old and dusty insulation, possibly a few years old, with a little elbow grease, rags, and a cleaner. After the ducts are cleaned and dried, then insulating can be repaired or replaced. Many duct cleaners offer even more options for duct cleaning, such as heating duct cleaning or duct replacement, and installing duct work for other rooms.

Benefits of duct cleaning

Air duct cleaning is a must in areas with moisture (for example, damp basements). Duct cleaning will not only clear dust and allergens from the ducts, but it will also help avoid mold issues. Ideally, you want to do your duct cleaning every six months. Duct cleaning in Bundoora is also recommended during changing seasons so that the ducts stay fresh and working properly. The benefits of duct cleaning are two-fold. Firstly, your ducts will be cleaner. If your ducts are too dirty, they may pose a safety risk to your family. Secondly, having ducts cleaned regularly means you will be saving money. Cleaning Ducts to Make Your Home Energy Efficient You can save up to 15% on your heating and cooling costs by cleaning your air ducts.

How to keep your home air vents clean

Bare roof – simple – but can be hard to reach for some Let’s use a long-handled pole to clean the ducts and roofs. A safety harness is handy if needed. Easiest way to reach the ducts is to go onto the roof first. Use a long pole to reach the higher areas of your roof: Windward side – straight up and down Landing areas – straight down This makes it more accessible for the bottom of the pole and the ends of the ducts that are above the ladder. Concrete floors – easier to reach The concrete floors in older homes are typically made of concrete. But, there are many things that can harm the concrete’s durability. Thick mats can be used to protect the concrete flooring from damage caused by motor vehicle traffic and shoes, sand is used as a base layer to make it more durable.

The importance of duct cleaning

Heat is the ultimate culprit for ducts to become dirty and filled with dust. With the ongoing and fluctuating weather conditions, such as hot summers and cold winters, heating units are prone to accumulate dust. Whether or not it is going into the ducts of the home, the unwanted dust can irritate the nasal and sinus passage and it is difficult for someone to remove them. There are also many other products that can be harmful and dangerous to the lungs as well as eyes when inhaled.

Duct cleaning in Bundoora: How to make it safe for you to breathe

The dust can easily get into the house if the ducts are not properly cleaned. In addition, the people who live in the house are exposed to inhaling the dust as well. It is common for cold or allergy sufferers to wear dust masks.


On average, experts estimate a five-star rating to a company’s service. If the company is a repeat company, customers have a history of happy service with them, so it is likely they will be more than happy to provide five stars as well. Whether you’re looking for clean air, fresh air or just want to keep your air ducts clean, you need a professional air duct cleaning company, and it’s best to call one in to inspect your system and make sure it’s in tip top shape before proceeding.

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