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Dry Eyes Symptoms And Treatment You Need to Know

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Dry Eyes Symptoms And Treatment: Dry eye syndrome results from a lack of tear production or the blockage of the eye glands. When your eyes cannot maintain the standard layer of the tears, it may result in various DES symptoms. It may also happen due to a bacterial infection or inflammation on the eye surface. It may be uncomfortable and quite annoying. However, dry eyes syndrome cannot lead to vision loss. It is a common syndrome that you may cause due to daily life casualties. If you are sceptical that you have this syndrome or want to avoid it in the future, understanding the dry eyes symptoms and treatment can help. 

What may be the major causes of dry eyes?

Computer screen: Extended computer or phone use may lead to dry eyes. Sitting before the net, we blink our eyes less than usual. This results in increased tear evaporation generating the risk of dry eyes. 

Contact lenses: Contact lenses can worsen the condition of dry eyes. Severe dry eye symptoms are why many people stop wearing contact lenses. 

Indoor environment: Ceiling fans, air conditioning, and heating systems soak the humidity inside the room. This can lead to greater tear evaporation, resulting in DES. 

Eyelid problems: Incomplete closure of the eyes while sleeping or blinking can be the primary reason for dry eyes. 

Many other reasons can lead to dry eye syndrome. If you have been exposed to any of these situations, you may have developed DES or are prone to the same. Let us get to dry eye symptoms and treatments to help you combat the problem. 

Dry eye symptoms

Dry eye syndrome can lead to many symptoms that can become unbearable after a while. It is essential to find out the cause or treatment for them before they get too severe. 

You may feel the following when your eyes are exposed to dirt, a less humid environment, or any other surrounding leading to DES. 

  • Burning sensation in eyes 
  •  Aching sensation
  •  Itching in the eyes
  •  Heavy eyes
  •  Tired eyes throughout the day
  •  Sore eyes
  •  Redness in the eyes
  •  Sensation of dryness
  •  Light sensitive eyes 
  •  Discomfort in wearing contact lenses
  •  The sensation of a particle in the eye (foreign body sensation)
  •  Blurred vision
  •  Mucus in the eyes or around it

Lastly, watery eyes can also be a symptom of dry eye disease; we know it sounds odd. The dryness on the eye’s surface may lead your eyes to overproduce tears as a protective step. But this reflex action may not last long to cure the condition.

In addition to the symptoms above, DES may cause inflammation on the eye surface and sometimes cause damage to it. 

Dry eye treatment and prevention

Dry eye syndrome is a progressive condition which might not be completely curable based on its severity. 

However, in a majority of cases, you can manage DES successfully. The treatment to dry eyes results in decreased redness, reduced dry eye symptoms, greater comfort, and sharper vision. 

Some of the top treatments or preventions for this condition are:

  1. Regular use of artificial tears eye drops
  2.  Warm compress masks
  3.  Intense pulse light
  4.  Nutritional supplements
  5.  Home remedies

You can cure dry eye disease with some home remedies if the condition is not too severe. Common treatments include:

  • Blinking.
  • Frequent breaks from the screen.
  • Cleaning eyelids.
  • Wearing quality sunglasses.
  • Using a humidifier.
  • Removing eye makeup before sleep. 

Remember, even if you know the dry eye symptoms and treatments, you prefer to get regular eye checkups from your doctor. He can suggest what’s good and bad for your eyes. You may even need to discontinue wearing contact lenses if you face severe DES. Make sure to cure it before it becomes challenging to do so. 


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