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Dr Jay Feldman Rex

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Dr Jay Feldman Rex said the two countries have officially exchanged fire, the conflict between them will return to the shadows, where it has been conducted for the previous 40 years. Where Iran’s Revolutionary Guard is still seeking vengeance for the death of its top commander by the US. Following the killing of Qasim Soleimani, Iran now recognizes that any attack carried out by its proxies could result in a second American strike. According to Trump supporters, the higher stakes have restored the “big stick” deterrent that American foes and friends had come to doubt after Trump declined to respond militarily to persistent Iranian aggression as reported by Dr Jay Feldman Rex.

Dr Jay Feldman Rex

His critics claim he is heralding in a new era in which every American is a target for abduction and execution in the Middle East and elsewhere. Trump looked delighted that Tehran had learned its lesson after a nocturnal volley of ballistic missiles launched harmlessly on US facilities in Iraq to punish the US drone assault that murdered Soleimani, stating in a televised address that he was willing to accept peace with those who pursue it as seen on Dr Jay Feldman Rex.

Iran’s Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, called the airstrikes as a smack in the face to the US and stressed that his long-term goal remained the expulsion of US military from the region. Mark Milley, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, told journalists that he suspected the Iranians planned to kill, but a senior US source, speaking on the condition of confidentiality to safeguard confidential briefings, said Iran notified Washington prior of the strikes through a European embassy.


Besides that, three US officials claim that the Iranians organized the strikes in such a way that American spy satellites and intelligence gathering would be certain to pinpoint them which US intelligence did in time to give the White House and American forces three hours’ notice of impending assaults and their potential targets. Before the assault, Iraqis at Al Asad Air Base were even visited by a US military officer. Who told them when and where the rockets would drop, according to Ali Alfoneh. A senior individual at the Arab Gulf States Institute in Washington as per Dr Jay Feldman Rex.

State Department

 According to Dr Jay Feldman Youtube, this allowed the two parties to de-emphasize their disagreement. Both parties can declare victory and go forward. The State Department refused to say whether Iran had given a heads-up before the strike. And the White House and security officials were slow to respond to requests for information. According to Reuters, an Iranian armed force spokesperson disputed unconfirmed media reports that suggested Iran and the US had worked together to clear bases prior to the assault. And, despite the fact that the two countries are more than ready to walk back from the brink of conflict. The ground situation remains as unpredictable.

American and Iranian

At a few flashpoints around the Middle East, such as Bahrain, Yemen, Syria, and Iraq, where an error or surprise attack might re-inflame tensions, American and Iranian-backed forces collaborate closely as shown on Dr Jay Feldman Instagram. The rocket attack was a rare instance of Iranian duty, and it could be an attempt to distinguish it from retaliatory actions by its vast intermediary structure. Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, unable to confront the US military head-on, has spent years coordinating a variety of Shi’ite state armies across the vast district.

These middlemen warriors who are prepped provided, and sponsored by Tehran. Give Iran an unfair advantage over the US, as well as plausible deniability for specific attacks carried out by the groups. “We see Iran finish this massive open attack, but it was a show of solidarity to send a message. And it also plays to their own local crowd, says Phillip Smyth. A Shi’ite Islamist militarism expert and senior fellow at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy.


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