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Dr. Dipak Nandi all you Need to Know About Urgent Care

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In a traditional healthcare center, a patient has to wait for a minimum of 15 min before meeting a doctor. In fact, at times it is not only hours but it takes days to find the patient the right physician, then appointment and etc; which at times tend to aggravate. However, in the case of urgent care, the patient is seen immediately by a specialist in the same facility.

Offering multiple specialties under a single roof, urgent care today is said to be one of the most efficient and convenient centers gaining a huge market every day.

With such huge demand and heavy lifting activities, it often becomes challenging for many healthcare practices; which is why today more than 80% of healthcare practices are outsourcing their urgent care billing services.

Excelling in an urgent care software system that is designed to manage your complex UB – 04 billing departments, an operational extension caters to your complete pre and post urgent care billing services. In fact, the best part of working with an operational extension is it not only eliminates your expensive labor charges, software fee, billers and coders training cost, employee perks etc but also providing complete billing assistance at a cost effective rate. With customized reporting an operational extension in fact gives a clear picture.

Resolving all your claims, old aging accounts receivable hindrance as well as analyzing your errors, an outsourcing RCM further help in reducing your errors rate and denial in your urgent care.

With a comprehensive breakdown in your urgent care billing process and paying attention to all the required specific detail in UB – 04 software to ensure UB-04 billing is a success, an operational extension further works on a 99% accuracy rate.

Closing all your medical billing gaps faster and efficiently, outsourcing your urgent care or other medical billing specialties is one of the most convenient and cost effective solutions, today for more than 90% of healthcare practices stated Dipak Nandi a recipient of several entrepreneurial awards, M. D, and a board certified psychiatrist.


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