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Dr Cheryl Pruitt: How to Educate Yourself

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Going back to school may not be an option in your life right now for a variety of reasons. It’s possible that you now believe those years are behind you and you’re back at work. It’s also possible that you were never able to figure out what you wanted to do with your life and what degree you should pursue for a variety of reasons. Whatever the case may be, it does not exclude you from continuing to educate yourself. After all, education is more than simply lectures and tests. It’s about having a broad, unobstructed vision of the world and being aware of what’s going on in it. It’s all about recognizing your flaws and actively working to improve them.

  • Identifying the abilities

It’s about identifying the abilities you believe you’ll need to advance in your career or increase your chances of getting a promotion or raise as per Dr Cheryl Pruitt. After you’ve acquired the necessary talents, it’s time to get out there and get what you desire! Whatever you do, don’t believe that not having a degree means you’ve completed your education. There are hundreds of possibilities available to you on the internet. Here are a few options for continuing your education outside of regular academic settings.

  • Watch News Regularly

A wonderful strategy to self-educate is to remain up to date on current news, events, and affairs throughout the world. Read the news to keep up with what’s going on around the globe. You no longer need to purchase newspapers (which may be fairly costly) almost all of the same news and information is now available online as told by Cheryl Pruitt. Sign up for news organizations’ mailing lists, and they’ll bring you the day’s top stories in an automated email. Every day, set aside at least 30 minutes to read the news. You can also use social media to view movies, participate in debates, and share fascinating items with your friends and family.

  • Search for Online Courses

The classroom is no longer the only location where you may learn things, thanks to the many wonders of the internet. Find and enroll in an online course if you want to learn more about a topic, skill, or subject. For example, this English-speaking course is entirely online, so you won’t even have to leave your computer! Nowadays, you can learn almost anything, or at least the fundamentals, from the comfort of your own home. Udemy.com, Khan Academy, and Lynda.com are excellent resources for finding low-cost (or even free) online lessons. Check out CCG’s job search and entrepreneurial classes as well!

  • Don’t Devalue Art

Math and physics aren’t the only subjects that teach valuable lessons. The arts can provide a wealth of essential teachings. Most importantly, many arts can be performed or taught by yourself. You might even be able to discover a free local class or a free co-working space where you can meet like-minded people while getting your creative juices flowing! You will not only learn new abilities, but you will also discover new aspects of yourself through being creative and discovering a new artistic side.

  • Look for a Mentor

Someone else has done it before you in whichever business or profession you desire to work in. Others have years of experience and information that you don’t have, and they don’t want to keep it all to themselves! Finding a mentor who is willing to share their knowledge with you may be a life-changing experience, sometimes even more important than a degree.


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