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Do’s And Don’ts of Invisalign You Must Know

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Whenever people experience any kind of mild orthodontic issue they incline for Invisalign to correct it as soon as possible. Of course this huge demand is the result of such tremendous effort needed to bring the much-needed revolution into the world of dentistry.

Though it is preferable to restore your attractive smile you should know the tricks to ensure its proper care, hygiene and effectiveness till the end of the treatment! So, considering that prospect, here in this blog we have entailed some quick fixes of do’s and don’ts which can assist you to obtain best possible outcome on a short span of time.

Therefore, start reading now….

  1. Do soak the aligner once a day

    Invisalign should be dipped into the cleaning solution once a day just to promote the cleanliness and odourless treatment. Cleaning crystals and denture cleaners are both effective in this prospect. Once soaking is over use a discarded toothbrush for brushing out the yellowish pellicle films and trapped debris of food.

    Rinsing of the aligner by using lukewarm water should be performed afterwards. At last, it becomes usable again for the next 22 hours with no chance of growth for cavities and other infections.

  1. Do floss and brush the teeth before putting on Invisalign

    Both gums and teeth must be kept health and clean. Otherwise, there is a high chance of getting infected by other infections in the near future. Daily flossing and brushing is highly necessary for ensuring proper health of the teeth making it utmost clean and much stronger than ever.

    Make sure that teeth have been cleaned properly before you put back the aligner into the mouth. It optimises the oral hygiene by eradicating all the trapped food debris and particles from your mouth.

  1. Do consume snacks very carefully

    Do you find interest in satiating your taste bud by small foods instead of enjoying the large meals? If yes, then adjustment is necessary for this activity to ensure proper maintenance of the Invisalign. Remember Invisalign can work effectively only if it is worn for about 22 hours on a daily basis!

    For eating simple you have to remove the aligner. But frequent removal can hinder the treatment progress so limit the intake of snacks. However, some snacks result in sudden weight loss during this treatment span. Consider if it is necessary to remove the aligner at the time of having snack and accordingly rampage it over time!

  1. Do refrain from taking excessive caffeine

    Are you addicted to cups of coffee or caffeinated product? Then you have to give it up during the Invisalign treatment. You can no more enjoy any kind of beverages including coffee while Invisalign is there into your mouth.

    The only drink you can enjoy is plain water. So, you will be set free from this bad addiction. Caffeinated products lead to staining of the clear tray ruining its functional ability completely.

  1. Don’t leave the aligner in the open

    It is the main culprit of damaging the efficiency of the aligner. When the aligner is not in use, put them into its specific case rather than being exposed in open air! Or else it will get subjected to airborne pathogens that lead to the accumulation of bacteria.

    In such condition either the aligner will be damaged completely or you have to soak and rinse it extensively in the cleaning solution for a couple of hours.

  1. Don’t forget proper planning of the tour

    You should remember that the existing aligner will be substituted by a new set or tray once in every 2 weeks. So, foresight is necessary if you are planning for a tour ensuring no interference on your treatment consistency! Carry the new ones in the packet which will allow you to change the aligner with the arrival of the right time.

    In case, you haven’t one make sure the new set is shipped to your address before you depart for the tour. Otherwise, your treatment will get disrupted and you have to restart it again making the things much worse and complicated than ever.

  1. Don’t use perfumed or coloured soap to clean Invisalign

    Avoid the use of components stuffed with strong perfume and colours. The list also includes both toothpaste and soap. Otherwise, the residue will result in discolouration and some unpleasant taste which will not let you to keep the aligner into your mouth for long.

  1. Don’t smoke

    Smoking is a very bad habit which you have to quit with Invisalign treatment. This clear aligner has to be worn for long 22 hours and merely you can have the time for smoking. It only escapes time for practising oral care routine and having meals.

    Moreover, smoking results in causing some adverse effects as well. It leads to discolouration of the aligner very frequently. Hence, the right time has arrived for you to bid adieu to smoking.

While you are undergoing the treatment of Invisalign in London this list has to be imposed in your mind! For more concerns feel free to ask it to your orthodontists. Certain other do’s and don’ts can create a good impact on your overall oral health in the long run.


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