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Doritos New Logo

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In the new pursuit, Doritos positions itself as an unbranded channel for interpersonal organizations and even inquires whether anybody remembers it through the notorious triangle. Meaning to reach generation Z people who dislike ads and excessive logos. The PepsiCo group launched a campaign with Doritos New Logo, a modern aesthetic footprint integration with social networks and even a domain change. The brand still surprises by wearing an extremely unusual outfit for previous generations.

It all started with a drastic change: the Doritos website is now on a new domain, “LogoGoesHere.com”. Doritos has also improved the Twitter handle to @Logo_Goes_Here. After enhancing the Doritos New Logo 2021 packaging, the snack launched a new “Another Level” campaign. What seems to be a pretentious move speaks to the brand’s seasonal campaigns, which have already held a surprise music festival.

The clips for the song “Who’s That Chick?” had two versions: day and night

The brand has also invested in online games. In this case, you had to buy a pack of snacks and scan a QR Code to enter the contest. Communication has always been aimed at the young audience and with schedules similar to world events.

All over the world, PepsiCo invests in the narrative of diversity every year. To give you an idea, during the month of LGBT pride, it put “Doritos Rainbow” on the market, a special colourful version with assorted snacks of different flavours to talk to the most colourful time of year.

The new venture positions itself as an unbranded channel on social networks. It even asks followers if anyone recognizes it only by the iconic triangle in a poll that went viral on Twitter.

We can say our name for you to understand what nibble we are. Are we right?

Doritos (@Doritos)

Still eyeing Generation Z, the brand introduced virtual reality filters on Snapchat. This one, in this case, transforms the users’ faces into the iconic triangle of tortillas. According to the brand, the focus is on young people who prefer to pay not to see advertisements. The same ones who watch Netflix, pay for their games and skip YouTube ads.

The television ad premiered during the 2019 MTV Video Music Awards. In the commercial “Anti-Ad” (“anti-ad”), released in the United States, the brand says it is displaying a “paid message” but does not show who is behind the initiative. The ad text says: “The following message is promoted. You don’t have to say your name for an iconic snack because it is an advertisement with Dorito’s new Logo. There are no gimmicks, no jingles, only the red and blue packs with the things you love in them.

It is a strong and risky positioning but one that. One of the most well-known and consumed brands in the United States makes sense and has been successful. Will we see other brands embrace it?

It’s an iconic and favourite chip, so we may not need to name it with the 3d Doritos New Logo.


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