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Does the microphone improve your voice quality?

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Does the microphone improve your voice quality?

Does the microphone improve your voice quality?

When you try to analyze how does your voice sound after recording,

Do you get good feedback on your own voice?

if yes, and if it’s fairly yes!

That means you are on the improving side.

Sounds good? Right.

All of us have the ability to observe our own recorded voice but in the beginning, when you are recording for the first time in front of the microphone, it’s quite challenging for us to understand the texture, pitch, and tonal features of your voice. Now the question comes,

Is there any difference between the voice coming from the microphone and the natural voice?

Yes, some microphone changes your vocal frequencies and makes it colored sound or voice. This is actually good news for many voice talents because voice tends to sound better with the variations in the frequencies.

The most crucial point of consideration is – you have to maintain the same voice quality texture if you are working as a voice talent, so the best practice is never changing your microphone frequently, at least if you are working for long terms voice-over projects like audiobook recordings and other longer forms of voice over assignments.

Which microphone to choose for the voice-over recordings?

Few things that you need to take care of, before making a plan.

Before purchasing a microphone you have to set a small space for the recording in your home or any other separate place.

Fixing a recording setup goes in the following steps.

1)Selection of Microphone

2)Selection of Base Area

(where do you want to record? )
a) ground floor, b)basement c ) Top floors

3)Selection of the Minimum Area
a) small room ( 12x 14 x10 feets )

b) Vocal Booth ( a box in a room ) (6 x7 x8 feet)

There are two types of microphones that are used for recording voiceovers.

A)Dynamic microphone andB) Condenser Microphone

The selection of a microphone mainly depends on the amount of noise coming from the background. If there is less noise in the background, I would suggest you to go with Condensor Microphone, if the noise is louder in the background, we would use a dynamic Microphone.

Dynamic Microphone Recommendation

Good Dynamic microphones to start with are Rode M1, Shure SM 57, Sennheiser E835-S, E825-S

Condenser Microphone Recommendation

If you have made a well-soundproofed room. you can go with Rode NT1A, Rode NT USB, Lewit LCT -240

Sound Proofing your space
Use of Soundproofing and acoustic materials like Rock wool, Acoustic foams, MLV  will also need to take care of to cut down the background noise.

Use of Preamp and Audio Interface

Preamp again pulls out your vocal frequencies and it helps in standing out your voice.

i)we will go with less expensive preamp,mid-range pre-amps like dbx 286s

 ii)2 channel Audio Interface like stienber UR 28M or Stinberg UR 22 .You can go with Focusrite also

The preamp is not necessary if you are recording raw voice-over artists only.

If you have finalized your recording space then go for a warm voice-over take.

All the best !

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