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Does Beard Growth Kits Really Work? And What To Have In Beard Growth Kit.

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Beard plays a crucial part in enhancing one’s personality. But many men do not get this thick, dense and shiny beard. The beard density is either very low or a patchy beard grows on their face. Now, to grow this majestic beard they try readily available beard growth kit.

Let’s take a look at, what’s this beard growth kit is?

A Beard growth kit is a holistic package that contains all the essential serums, oils, washes, moisturizers and roller etc. which are needed to grow an evenly distributed beard.

A large variety of beard growth kits are available in the market. It’s obvious that any newbie can get confused about which one to buy among them.

The first and the foremost knowledge you should have before buying a beard growth kit is, what are the essentials items for beard growth that my kit should contain. Let’s answer this question first.

When we talk about the most vital item in the beard growth kit, it is none other than the beard growth serum or beard growth oil. And then there are be a combination of other different commodities which are beard shampoo, conditioner, moisturizer and the derma roller for beard.

Cutting it short, let’s talk about beard oils and serums.

Vitamin-E is considered the most important ingredient for beard growth oils and beard growth oils are generally formulated with jojoba oil or argan oil as the base. Due to the presence of these ingredients beard growth oils stimulates the sleeping hair follicles, under your skin.

These oils, in addition to, stimulating the growth of hair follicles but also moisturize your skin and also helps in keeping beard infections free. That’s why beard oils are considered an all-in-one package. Taking care of infections along with stimulating the hair follicles.

The very obvious rule plays the game here too. When you do oiling, you have to wash it later.  But wait here we are not washing our head it’s our beard. 

Is beard shampoo different from general head shampoo?

Beard shampoo is completely opposite to the general head shampoo we use in our houses. Using head shampoo can be disastrous here, if you use the general shampoo it will make the face’s skin dry and causes itching and irritation. But beard shampoos do the opposite, they moisturize the skin underneath the hairs. Combining beard shampoo with beard conditioners gives the best results. It’s like adding more cream to a pie. Here the takeaway point is to clean your beard regularly but with beard shampoo only not by your general head shampoo.

Coming to the next important item: the derma roller for the beard.

All serums, oils, shampoos and moisturizers are used externally to the skin. But, the derma roller pierces your skin. The mesh of micron size needles made up of steel or titanium, penetrates the skin and causes the skin tissue to rupture. Then our mind thinks it is an injury and rushes the collagen-rich blood to the spot. This collagen-rich blood stimulates the hair follicles and the beard grows to its fullest.

It’s not that easy as it sounds. There are many precautions to be taken while choosing the derma roller size and its frequency of use. For newbies, they should try with 0.25mm derma roller for beard thrice a week. A few people have reported itching and infections while derma roller usage. For any of the side effects you encounter stop its use and immediately rush to the doctor.

Since your skin needs healing, rolling should not be done on daily basis. Also larger the size of roller’s needles lower should be the week’s usage.

Last but not least another useful accessory of your kit should be the beard comb. Combing spreads the oils and moisturizers evenly on the skin and then the uniform beard growth can take place. After a day-long work the long whiskers get tangled in one another, therefore combing the whiskers rejuvenates the facial energy and make you feel your beard better.

Therefore the beard growth oil, beard shampoo, beard roller and beard comb are the must-haves for your new beard growth kit, other add-ons are luxuries that may be dearer to your pocket. And hence I think the question about what a beard growth kit should contain, have been cleared.

But still, the curiosity to know, does beard growth kits really works? Is alive in you.


To satisfy your curiosity to know the answer to this question, you might have scrolled many pages on the internet and had read many articles yet. There are number of veterans who have given testimony of their beard growth journeys while using beard growth kits.  Also, there are few scientific studies available in support of beard growing tools like derma roller, in making hair follicles grow.

There is no doubt left now, that beard growth kits with essential items containing the essential ingredients. And with the brand trust-value, when used in definite recommended quantity and time can give you miraculous results. You can make your dream of a thick, dense beard a reality.


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