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Do You Want To Try Herbal Cigarettes? Check These 3 Herbs

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If you think there are only tobacco-based cigarettes, think again. A wide variety of legally available smoking materials is bolstering the popularity of herbal cigarettes. Herbal cigarettes are more flavorful and nicotine-free. They come in flavors like rose petal, mint, lemongrass, green tea, raspberry, to name a few. They look very much like traditional cigarettes, come in neat packaging, and are available online and offline. 

If you would like to try herbal cigarettes, here is some information that you should know about smokable herbs. Not every flower you see in the wild is smokable, and not every herb is safe. You’d be surprised at how many herbs, apart from cannabis, have made their way into herbal cigarettes. We’ve picked three herbs to get you started on your herbal cigarette journey.

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Be Zen with Rose Petals

We know that the rose is the epitome of all things romantic. Whether it is part of a bouquet or a cake hamper, it immediately engulfs the room with its fragrance. Rose petals are popular among smokable flowers too. But did you know of its therapeutic properties? Rose petals help during menstruation, improve digestion, and reduce inflammation. Combine these effects with the heavenly aroma of roses, and you are bound to have a pleasurable experience. 

This experience is precisely why rose-flavored herbal cigarettes are a hit among users. Frequent smokers use these cigarettes to curb the need to smoke but still enjoy the same ‘smoking’ experience with a smooth and balmy feel without the nicotine. 

Rose petals are generally added to smoking blends to give a unique and fantastic flavor. First-time users might find rose petals to be a little intense.

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Renew with Mint Leaves

Try mint-flavored herbal cigarettes if you are looking for something refreshing. Apart from the obvious benefits like good breath, mint can also aid digestion. These herbal cigarettes produce a smooth buzz for recreational purposes and are available in various flavors like spearmint, peppermint, and chocolate mint. They do not get you high but surely will leave you with a pleasant feeling.

What’s more? Mint is a herb that can be grown at home in a potted plant. It grows well in moist areas and can even become a weed if left uncontrolled. All it needs is little attention, and you will have a sprawling mint patch in a matter of a few days.

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Enjoy with Mullein

You have probably seen or heard about Mullein as tinctures in pharmacies. It’s been popular for ages as a medicine for pulmonary conditions and as a flavoring agent in alcoholic beverages. But did you know it’s also a popular herbal cigarette material? Mullein is neutral flavored, unlike rose or mint, and burns slowly with a discreet flavor. Perhaps this is why it’s popular among recreational users. 

Mullein is easy to grow (often considered a weed) in sunny conditions and requires little care. Once it starts growing, it is even drought-resistant. So if you are thinking of growing your herb for a cigarette, you should probably go with Mullein. 

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Other popular herbs used in herbal cigarettes are skullcap, coltsfoot, mugwort, butterfly pea, uva-ursi, and sage, to name a few. 

How to make yourself a herbal cigarette

Now that you know about your herbs, here’s some information on how to make yourself a herbal cigarette. 

  1. Whichever herb you plan to use, harvest the leaves early in the morning, soon after the dew evaporated.
  2. Dehydrate or dry the leaves indoors. Do not microwave or use any instrument to dry them as it needs to retain a bit of moisture.
  3. To dry them faster, spread them out on a thin sheet or tie the herbs in bundles and hang them upside down in a large room.
  4. Once dry, use your hands or grind them in a pestle to crush the leaves into even consistency. 
  5. You will need an ounce or 28.3 grams of herbs to prepare 24 to 40 cigarettes.
  6. Make the base of the cigarette using flavorless herbs like Mullein. This should comprise almost half of your cigarette – nearly 50% of the blend.
  7. Add other herbs like mugwort and skullcap.
  8. For the last 10%, add the flavoring herbs like rose or mint, depending on your preference.
  9. Roll the blend in preferable natural papers made of rice or hemp. Try to avoid papers with chemicals.
  10. If you are not comfortable with hand rolling, use cigarette rollers to shape and pack the blend.
  11. Store these blends in glass jars or zip-lock plastic bags. 


Old school traditional practices like smoking herbs are once again becoming the rage among young people. Nicotine/tobacco-free smoking is less toxic but more fun. Herbal cigarettes with chamomile can offer a smooth, calming smoking experience without the harmful effects of nicotine. Herbal cigarettes can also help you break addictive relationships with tobacco.

These cigarettes provide a safe alternative compared to tobacco cigarettes, and you have a variety of options to choose from. Once you understand how to make a herbal cigarette, you can mix and match various blends according to your fancy. The next time you are craving a smoke, ditch the regular tobacco cigarette and try the herbal one! 


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