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Do You Suffer from Tense Muscles and Headaches? Massage Is Here to Help

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Do you often feel tired and not motivated enough to carry out your professional tasks? Do headaches and tight muscles sound familiar? This indicates that you may be suffering from stress, which is a fairly common occurrence these days.

People work long hours to provide a better quality of life for themselves and their families, but the effect is actually the opposite. Stress from a hectic life affects overall health, but it also weakens the mind, leading to relationship problems with co-workers and family members. The solution that is often tried as a last resort, but is the most effective, is massage therapy. Spa in Tecom

Massage therapy is practiced all over the world

Massage therapy is practiced all over the world and the number of people receiving massage is constantly increasing. However, the history of massage dates back to ancient Greek and Roman cultures, where it was used primarily for pain relief. Hippocrates, the “father of medicine,” also spoke of the benefits of massaging muscles and joints.

Although touch is the basic means of massage therapy, there are more than 80 techniques. Some of them are more intense, where the masseuse applies more pressure and uses stronger movements and others are softer. Each technique has its own effect on the body and that is why no two techniques are the same.

Swedish massage is the most widely used form of massage. The masseuse performs long strokes and friction techniques that stimulate the superficial layers of the tissues. This directs blood to the heart, which improves circulation. It is so widely practiced due to its versatility – it effectively relieves muscle tension and also promotes general relaxation.

Do you often feel tired and not motivated enough to carry out your professional tasks? Do headaches and tight muscles sound familiar?

Unlike Swedish massage, acupressure targets certain points located on the body. By stimulating different energy points or pathways, blocked energy is released. The result is relaxed tension and organs in the body that function more efficiently.

How to Restore Your Inner Balance with Massage?

Massage helps restore internal balance, especially when the masseuse concentrates on her activity and uses her energy efficiently. If you are overexcited, the massage will help you calm down, if you feel lazy, it will stimulate you. Massage can be used to alleviate certain health problems, such as back pain, shoulder pain, cough, headache, etc.

It is also recommended during the healing period of different injuries or illnesses. It can also be used to warm up before physical activity and to relax and strengthen muscles after exercise. The use of massage oils helps the skin cells to regenerate and makes it more flexible. Some people think they are too fat or ugly to get a massage. The effect of massage is actually the opposite: it can make a person respect their body.

When a person suffers from stress, massage helps to eliminate the physical manifestations of stress, gives emotional tranquility and helps to restore energy reserves. The touch and care given during the massage help to cope with stress.

The body and the mind are connected to each other. When a person is in good shape, it also affects his mind and vice versa: when a person is mentally balanced, the body works better. After receiving a massage, a person does not feel made up of different parts, he feels complete. Body Massage in Dubai Marina

Your body awareness increases and you feel your feet firmly on the ground. The massage offers a much-needed touch and a feeling of being cared for, without asking for anything in return. So be sure to try the massage that best suits your needs.


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