Do You Know What Are White Cards and Who Needs It?

In Australia, construction workers are required to get White Cards. This means that you must have this card if you decided to work in any construction business. You cannot work on any construction site, without having a White Card, even if you are just visiting Australia only for a short time on a working vacation visa.

The completion of a General Construction Induction/White Card course is evidenced by a White Card (previously it was known as the Red Card, Blue Card, or also Green Card course based on your state). Skillsify is an approved organization to run this course.

Anyone who works or looking forward to working in any construction business must take this course.

What a white card is?

The white card is also known as the construction induction card or the construction safety card in Australia. Anyone intending to enter a building site is obliged to have this certification. The phrase ‘white card’ is also applied to the courses that lead to construction safety card certification.

Before beginning work, all contractors, builders, and other professionals of the construction industry must complete a white card training course. The white card was previously known also as the blue card. The work safely meant for the construction industry, has always been referenced in the certification.

If you prefer to work in any construction industry, you’ll need to learn about the purpose of this certification and take a white card course. The site supervisor will then ask you to show your white card when you arrive at work on any construction site. You will not be allowed to enter the site if you are unable to do so.

Recent changes in the legislation of white card

White Card courses were previously available to take online, however recently state governments have enacted stronger regulations to prevent White Cards from being given for online courses.

Learners from any state were able to finish Western Australia’s online White Card course until July 19th, 2019. A few changes have been made that only allow learners from Western Australia to finish their online courses.

Only Western Australia and Tasmania currently allow online courses to be used to obtain White Cards. These online courses are only available to current residents of the jurisdictions in question. For example, to finish an online White Card course, from Western Australia, you must be a current Western Australian resident.

You will be offered a Statement of Course after completing your White Card training, allowing you to immediately begin working on any construction site almost anywhere in Australia. Then you’ll be registered with SafeWork NSW or Work Safe VIC in Victoria or New South Wales or, which will be sent to you within 60 days a plastic card.

Unless you do not want to work in construction for two years or more, your certification will stay valid.

What you will receive

You must complete this White Card Training Course to work in any construction sector (Construction Induction). After completing the course, you will get a Statement of Training, and SafeWork NSW will present you with your cards.

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