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Do you know the secret of perfection in the cooking of Indian cooking?

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Cooking Indian food is one of the interesting things to do. So many hacks, tips and tricks make the food even more delicious. The chefs of the Indian restaurant in Warrens bay are of the view that the little things which bring the best flavour in the cooked dish are the only thing which makes the Indian food so special. Indian restaurants in Sydney are some of the best restaurants because they follow the techniques used in Indian cooking with the ultimate precision.

  • Chapatis secret

Are you also missing the soft chapati made by your mother? Then today we are going to tell you the secret behind the softness of the chapatis and that is the definition of the lukewarm water and the warm milk in the flour which is to be kneaded in the dough. Also, make sure that the dough is getting enough time to rest.

  • Kheer secrets

When you are making the kheer, then there are 100% chances that either your rice or milk get sticky at the surface of the pot. But if you add the water, then you can surely prevent the sticking from happening.

  • The tasty dal

To make the world-famous dal you should first of all roast dal and afterwards, continue with the cooking process. It will help you to extract the maximum flavours from the dal. And also the dal will not be left uncooked.

  • For fried foods

When you are frying food whether it is bhatura, puri or pakoras, make sure that the oil is not too hot. Excessive heating of the oil will only cook the food from outside but there are 100% chances that the food may remain raw and uncooked from inside.

  • The biggest secret of the gravy

TO give the brightest colour to the gravy, make sure the tomatoes are ripened. It will make the gravy nicely flavoured and coloured. Try to add the spices when the materials used in the gr like the onions and the tomatoes are properly cooked, IT will help the dish retain the flavour of the spices.

  • The secret of the tasty and juicy meat

When you’re cooking the meat, then make sure that you are heating the meat with a low flame. BY doing this, the meat will lock the flavours and come out to be extremely juicy and delicious.

  • Prevent rice from sticking

When you are cooking the rice, then you are probably scared of coming up[ with the sticky rice. You can prevent that from happening by adding a spoon of oil to the rice when you are letting them get boiled.

  • The secret to soft idlis

Have you ever thought about how the chefs in the 5-star restaurants make the soft idlis? It is because either they add the sabudana or the softened rice in the batter of the soft idlis.


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