Do I Really Need Shower Tray and Screen for Shower Area?

shower tray and screen

When renovating a bathroom, there are several things that you want to think about. It might be the range of different fixtures you want, extra accessories, designs, and budget, etc. Your bathroom makeover is incomplete If it’s not included around the shower area. Whether you are planning for any types of enclosure, Shower Tray and Screen are two fixtures that will always be part of it. While both are essential for an enclosure, having them in a walk-in shower or a wet room entirely depends on you. Many people who plan to install any of it often have confusion about whether they should install them. 

In this article, we are going to discuss whether you should install a tray and screen.

What is the Use of Shower Tray and Screen?

Both shower tray and screen have various purposes. 

  1. Water Proofing. The most important function of these accessories is water containment and proofing. While the screen will not allow water splashes, the shower tray makes it immediately flow into the drainage and not letting it out in the wrong direction. Whenever you are dealing with water, letting it not stand or go in the wrong way is important. It is because water can cause tremendous damages. That is why you want it on the floors or walls
  2. Divide between Wet and Dry Areas. If you are installing an enclosure, then the glass panel walls will act as a divider between the wet and dry areas. It is important because water may spill into other parts of the bathroom, making it dirty and slippery. It will look like an organized way of exhibiting the two parts in your washroom.
  1. Improving the Aesthetics of the bathroom. Besides functionality, another important thing is aesthetics. If your shower area does not look good, then it has no benefit. Many people install an enclosure to modernize their bathroom. Perhaps, without them, your shower area will look incomplete. The tray looks like a small thing but has a high influence on the overall look of the washroom. Similarly, the screen will improve aesthetics

Shower Tray and Screen for Enclosures

You may already know that there are different shower enclosures in the market. These shapes include quadrant, rectangular, etc. It is a kind of shower area that comprises glass panel walls that act as the screen or divider. So, there is not a screen or single piece of glass that we need here as wet rooms or walk-in showers. It is perhaps the most organized shower area that has walls, doors, and trays. All these enclosures essentially need a shower tray to waterproof the area and provide a non-slippery space so you can stand firmly while showering. Besides that, it has a smooth surface that directs water into the drainage without letting it stay there

Shower Tray and Screen for Wet room and Walk-in Shower. 

The wet room is a completely waterproofed area where you just go into that and take a shower. It is on the same level as the floor. In contrast, the walls and floor will require you to fully waterproof. You may install a flush drain so the water can easily leave the area. The shower tray and screen are essentially options here. You may opt for it because of its different benefits, similar to those already discussed in the previous section. A walk-in shower is also a shower area that is also open from one or two sides. You will add one or two shower screens and a low-level tray on the floor to drain water quickly. 

The major difference between a wet room is, depending on your choice, is an open area (you may opt for a shower screen) and a tray. And a walk-in shower has such screens covering either side. 

Looking for a High-Quality Shower Tray and Screen?

The Shower Tray and Screen are thought to be the most important shower area accessories. Where a tray presents a firm surface to stand, and the screen works as a divider along the dry and wet areas. Similarly, both contain water within the enclosure. The screen will not allow it to splash out of the area. Are you in search of these accessories for a washroom makeover? At Royal Bathrooms, we have high-quality bathroom fixtures available at a lower price. You can visit our website for more details and place an order. It fully vaccinated all of our staff for COVID-19 and strictly follows SOPs.  

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