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Do I Need A Lawyer For Child Support?

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Let’s first understand what child support is? This is the financial support paid to one parent by the other for the benefit of their children on the order of courts. The child support laws of all states identify the amount to be paid based on how much time the child lives with each parent and their finances and income. Usually, the parent who did not have physical custody pays the child support. 

The law does not require you to hire a lawyer for the child support case, but it is better to hire one in some scenarios. It becomes almost mandatory when you are in dispute with your ex-spouse about the terms and conditions of child support. Having a lawyer is better to have the best results. 

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A family law attorney can assist you in your case by helping you in various matters such as, 

  • Evaluating your case from all angles
  • Calculating the expected child support payments
  • Represent you in the hearings and protect your rights
  • Carry the negotiations on your behalf
  • Explain the legal procedures and issues 
  • Provide you proper legal advice after assessing your case conditions
  • Legal establishment of paternity 
  • Helps with the proper child support case paperwork
  • Making changes to the existing child support agreement

Why Do You Need A Child Support Attorney? 

Hiring a family law attorney seems like an unnecessary expense. However, the cost incurred is worth it when it comes to child support cases as it saves a lot of time and energy. A few conditions in which you should not hold back from hiring a family law attorney are; 

Your Case Is Complicated

It is possible that your ex-spouse or partner is creating problems and is not agreeing with the amount of child support. All these basic disagreements call to appoint a lawyer, who can put your case in front of the judge and convince them to rule in your favor. 

The Other Party Has A Lawyer

When your ex has a lawyer, he has someone who has in-depth knowledge of the legal system, court procedures, even might know the judge and use personal interactions. These situations take place and the circumstances ask for you to understand the legal procedures and the attorney of the opposite side already affirms their case by putting forward the legally affirmed information. So, if the other party has a lawyer you should get one too. 

Helps To Calculate The Child Support Amount

The family lawyers know exactly what information judges consider while calculating the amount of child support. Thus, having a lawyer by your side provides you a chance to give the correct relevant information so that the amount of child support is enough to properly cater to the needs of the child. 

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May Also Help With The Custody Case

In many cases, the child custody case comes hand in hand with the child support cases. Then to avoid any future problems.

Modification Of The Child Custody Agreement 

If you want modification in the existing child support agreement, this is not an easy task. This needs solid proof of certain changes in circumstances so the payment can be changed as well. Hiring an attorney for this case can help you get the detailed list of circumstances considered substantial in the court laws and scenarios. They can also guide you about the correct documentation required to submit to the judge for the consideration of modifications in the child support agreement. e custody arrangements are the determining factor of your relationship with your child or children. Therefore, hiring a trustworthy lawyer to help you in achieving the best possible agreement.


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