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Do Eyelash Extensions Hurt? Avoid These Mistakes For Painless Lashes

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Are you a novice to eyelash extensions? Then, maybe you are wondering if they hurt or does it cause some pain in the process. It’s common if you wonder that eyelashes cause discomfort as the eye is such a sensitive area. But… does it really?  

Let’s clear out this misconception that extension doesn’t hurt when appropriately applied by certified professionals. The most common reason for pain is poorly applied lash extensions or any reaction that is caused due to adhesive. 

It’s time to know the reason why your eyes might hurt during and after your eyelash extension appointment, and in a glance, you would be able to recognize the signs.  

The first question comes up here, Can eyelash extensions hurt our eyes?  

Lash extension won’t cause you pain. Reality behind the lash extension is different. Pain comes only when there is a problem, and either your lash artist or you can be responsible for that. Eyelash extensions are incredibly safe to apply. Gel pads and tape are used to keep your eyes shut during the process. 

Once they map the type of extension to apply to your eyes, they pick out an extension, dip it in the adhesive and apply it onto natural volume lashes without touching your skin. 

Because each individual extension is gently attached one by one to your natural lashes and you shouldn’t feel any kind of discomfort at all.

Why does it hurt during the appointment? 

Signs of ache during an eyelash extension session

  • Eyelid pain
  • Pulling sensation
  • Irritation

Reasons behind it:


If the technician is not well experienced, any mistake during the treatment can end up hurting your eyes. For example, if lash tech accidentally attaches the glue to your eyelids instead of natural lashes, it will break your lids. 

Poor products

It is a common cause of irritation that poor-quality lash products are used during lash treatments. The adverse reaction of products leads to a response during the session. 

Other reasons include: 

  • Crying or your eyes might tear up
  • Opening the eyes in the middle
  • Continuously adjusting your lashes 

Why does it hurt during the appointment? 

Mistakes might happen during the process by the lash artist, but pain in the eye after the session might not be all their fault. You could also be responsible for such pain.  

Signs of pain after an eyelash extension session

  • Itchiness
  • Swollen eyes
  • Tangled and twisted lashes
  • Eye infection
  • Uneasiness
  • Bloodshot eyes

Reasons behind it:

Clumping of natural lashes

When your volume lashes tech applies extension to your multiple natural lashes, it leads to clumping. And as a result, it causes you discomfort and pain when opening and closing your eyes. 

Allergic reaction 

Extensions are attached to natural lashes by using a kind of medical-grade adhesive called cyanoacrylate. However, it can be allergic to some people with sensitive eyes and end up having redness, itching, inflammation after the session. 

End up scratching the cornea

If you end up scratching the cornea, corneal abrasion may occur. It is the result of excessive glue and poking extension that scratches the cornea upon shedding because they are too long or improperly applied. 

Other reasons include: 

  • Poor adhesion
  • Type of extension 
  • Excess use of adhesive 
  • Improper cleaning ritual
  • Removal of extension forcefully
  • Sparse application
  • Glued to the skin instead of lashes 

Why does eyelash extension poke you?

Does your classic set of eyelash extensions poke you? It could be a result of poor application of lash or poor choice of extension. On the other hand, it could end up poking the new lashes into your eyelids or the eyes. If it pokes into your eye, then it turns out to be quite serious if left ignored or untreated.

Sometimes, you experience it after a few days or weeks from getting an extension done when your natural lashes begin to grow. In that, head back to the nearby eyelash extension or to the salon where you got the extensions done ASAP.

What to do when your eyelash extensions are hurting you?

The eye is one of the sensitive parts of the human body. So you are obviously worried about when they start itching, swelling, hurting, poking, or irritating you in any way. What to do in such a scenario?

First, inform your lash experts as soon as possible and get in touch with them. They can thoroughly analyze and determine whether it’s from lash products, glue, or their application. And to do so, you need to revisit the salon for an inspection. Based on the inspection, they might remove your extension cautiously. 

If it’s something serious, lash tech might also advise you to go to an eye doctor. But remember, doctors can’t help it unless the irritating substances (lash extension) are not yet removed.  

Worry not, beautiful girls! It is a painless process

The treatment of eyelash extension is painless and quite comfortable that clients even doze off during the application process. Generally, your eyes should be closed during the application process. Otherwise, it leads to discomfort during or after the treatment. It is also accompanied by inflammation, itchiness, eye infection, red eyes, or tangled lashes. With this guide, you can avoid these kinds of mistakes easily and entirely be aware of any of the signs of discomfort. 


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