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Ease your DME Prior Authorization Process and Patient Outcome with Sunknowledge

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In a medical billing process, managing prior authorization is one of the most time-consuming tasks for physicians, billers as well as the patient. As a prior authorization process requires undivided attention to manage pending authorization, follow-up etc as authorization requests often get lost in the shuffle, potentially delaying a patient’s access to needed treatment for his/her health.

This is why there is a lot of work that is involved in the front-end work of the prior authorization process and it is only possible with experts who have experienced working on it, for instance, Sunknowledge Services Inc. Working with both payers and providers for more than 10 years and yielding results, Sunknowledge Services Inc today is leading prior authorization one-stop destination catering to more than 28 specialties.

Streamlining your DME prior authorization process following complete HIPAA compliance under strict observation, our experts take care of complete DME prior authorization initiation, approval and follow-up.

Having a complete understanding of present industry billing regulation and about each payer— with different types of plans, our experts ensure of working out on closing all the authorization gaps faster and efficiently than any other revenue cycle management (RCM) solution.

Furthermore, taking care of each requirement needed for your DME prior authorization starting from documentation for clinical review to timely submission, our experts take care of all.

In fact, partnering with us added you with further advantage as:

  • We ensure 100% authorization submission on the same day
  • Boosting your practice profitability by ensuring a 99% approval rate
  • reducing the unnecessary expenses and operational cost that you end up wasting by 80%
  • maintaining a 99.9% accuracy level in the complete DME prior authorization process
  • help you to maximize revenue generation from insurance payments
  • Reduce the chances of claim denials

So what are you waiting for? Change your DME prior authorization by partnering with Sunknowledge Services Inc in no time. For more information, our expert can help you with detailed benefits over a no-commitment call.


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