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Speed up your HME/DME Prior Authorization with Sunknowledge

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Being a frustration task, a prior authorization process take up maximum physician’s time. In fact, a DME / HME prior authorization can take up to 3 working days in obtaining the authorization process.  So here are few tips on how to improve your authorization process:

Get authorization expert – expert handling the authorization process not only speed up your overall authorization performance but improve the overall authorization approval rate by highest productivity metrics. Following up on every request and every detail, an prior authorization experts keep things moving effectively at a faster rate.

Recheck and cover all authorization requirements – with complete details and data supported documentation ensure every data is correctly incorporated before the submission for the authorization claims.

Understand the process requirements – make a complete chart of what are the medications and processes required for the authorization process by insurers. This makes your task easy and avoid the rate of errors. In fact, there are revenue cycle Management that not only ensures every documentation properly but with doctor’s office follow-up reducing your chances of denial and rejection rate.

In fact, Sunknowledge services Inc taking your complete responsibility of authorization initiation, approval and follow up, Sunknowledge experts ensure 100% authorization submission on the same day.

Reducing the gaps of DME/HME prior authorization process, we further ensure 99 percent of authorization approvals request.

Furthermore, the best part of partnering with us for authorization ensure additionally benefits like :

  • Operational cost reduction but 80%
  • 99.9% accuracy rate in all authorization process and procedures
  • The highest productivity metrics
  • Excellent of industry reference clients reference
  • Customized reporting according to the client requirements daily, weekly and even monthly.

So why are you holding back? For more information and in order to leverage more information Sunknowledge  organization benefits; call our experts right now .


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