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DIY car maintenance, how to clean the interior

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Follow our advice carefully and carefully for a perfect DIY car maintenance . We explain how to clean the interior of your machine to the best, with care and precision.

Do you have any idea what can accumulate in the passenger compartment of your vehicle? Food residues, animal hair, dust, pollution, etc.

We will describe, step by step, how to periodically clean and sanitize seats, rugs, upholstery, dashboard, interior and exterior glass to prevent the inside of your car from becoming a receptacle for bacteria or bad odors accumulating.

You can get excellent results by arming yourself with the right tools and lots of patience.

Are you ready?

DIY car maintenance: first the exteriors, then the interiors

First, carefully wash the exterior of your car . Then, you will move on to the interior taking care to free the passenger compartment from all objects (glasses, coins, chargers, etc.). Also take out all the mats by banging them vigorously with a carpet beater.

The first elements to be cleaned inside the car , using a vacuum cleaner, are the seats and mats.

For a very accurate and effective cleaning, you should sprinkle bicarbonate seats and mats before leaving the vacuum cleaner, leaving it to act for about half an hour.

To clean and sanitize the most difficult part (the area under the seats), simply remove the mats, move the seats forward and fold them over. This way, you can easily clean.

Crumbs, dust and debris trapped in the guides can be removed with a stiff bristle brush before vacuuming.

How to clean and wash your car mats and upholstery

You can use a specific spray detergent or a DIY solution.

For the preparation of a homemade detergent, add two tablespoons of baking soda in a 250 ml bowl, a few drops of dish detergent and a glass of apple cider vinegar.

Pass the spray cleaner or the solution you prepared on the mats and rub with a brush with hard bristles. Rinse with a pump and let them dry by laying them in the open air.

We recommend cleaning the leather seats with a damp microfibre cloth: if too dirty, opt for a specific spray detergent.

Do not forget to carefully clean the dashboard and all the plastic parts after removing the dust with an antistatic cloth. Remove stains and dirt with a damp cloth, then polish with a specific spray.

For the sanitization of the  , which is the part where bacteria most easily proliferate, one of the most effective cleaning products is MA-FRA’s Odorbact Out , an easy-to-use spry that can be purchased on Amazon for less than 7 euros,

For the sanitization of the entire interior environment (seats, dashboard, roof, etc.), the professional sanitiser Rampi Igiensoft is one of the most effective products that guarantee a long duration of sanitization , as well as being sanitizing it is also deodorant, it is of a mada in Italy product that can also be used at home for sanitizing cabinets and drawers, delicate on all types of surfaces, you can buy it on Amazon for less than € 15.00,

how to sanitize the car

DIY car maintenance: how to clean the car windows

To clean and sanitize car windows (windows, mirrors, etc.) you can prepare a do-it-yourself detergent in 3 liters of water by adding two large cups of alcohol and one of baking soda.

Dip a cloth in this solution, squeeze it and pass it on the glass making vertical or horizontal movements. Check that there are no halos on the glass.

To sanitize the car windows you can also use a professional product such as the MA-FRA Fast Cleaner , easy to use (dry) in its formulation has a substance that decontaminates all surfaces, you can buy it on Amazon for less than 15 euro,

When the mission is complete, the final touch: insert the baking soda into the ashtray compartment to absorb bad smells in a short time.

As a last step, proceed with cleaning the windshield and the external windows of the car, possibly with specific products. Wash them without exposing them to the sun because the product may evaporate before cleaning the crystal well.


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