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Even though Local Space Astrology is focused more on matters of practical importance and is often interpreted with special focus on the lights and visible planets (as in Traditional Astrology), it is good to keep distant entities in mind as well. Affecting lines of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto in a practical sense and in our physical world can have deep spiritual effects over time.

Line Of Uranus

Uranus is that flicker of consciousness each of us has had, a moment when the image clears up, when we get an idea, when after a long period of struggle (Saturn) we finally get it, climb a step, and take more freedom for ourselves. It is important to keep in mind what Uranus represents and see its width of social context in matters of sharing our truth, expressing ourselves freely, loudly, and without inhibition, as well as accepting ourselves as unique in a much greater human whole.

If its line is clogged in any way, it speaks of our inability to express who we are, to speak up, find our tribe and the overall system of support that we should manage to build outside of our circle of closest relatives. It is the first step of evolution.

This line supports fine technology, complicated gadgets that function flawlessly, sound systems, computers, and all things that breathe in life to a large sum of small, functioning, metal parts. Uranus loves electricity, modern forms and art, as well as sharp uneven edges and squares. It will enjoy something small that stands out, strangely formed and unique. Uranus loves books and certificates held in Astrology, modern science, and all technical literature that goes beyond general knowledge.

This is also a place where you can frame a picture of good friends, that time you went paragliding, an airplane, or your personal zodiac chart. It should be balanced on both ends since the symbolism speaks of opposition. Feeding this line only on one side could push things too far and get us “over the edge” in a critical phase of life. This is a line to walk on when we need a good idea, when we are brainstorming about new solutions, and talking to people that bring us a sense of liberation.

Line Of Neptune

In general, Neptune is way tenderer than we often think. Its line is extremely important in the context of toxic things and should be cleaned with intent regularly as it collects atmospheres, sorrows that have not been overcome, and accumulates emotional ties to the past that easily become a burden and stop us from moving forwards. While we may consider putting some form of an ideal from the past here, it would be wise to focus on the future and general expressions of our ideal, rather than images of any specific situation, relationship, or individual.

Also, remember that this is a line where things easily get lost and we should avoid putting too many personal items here to become memories lost or even worse – memories we cannot let go of.

This is NOT a good place for your minibar, and is definitely a poor location for medication, even though the symbolism seems to fit. Instead, choose things that are not toxic or risky, tender items with meaning, incense, scented candles, fine and tender art that relates to love you dream of, pastel colors and purple tones, exotic flowers and motives from oceans and seas.

This is a good place for musical instruments, music in general, and your perfect spot for an aquarium or a small fountain. If you choose to put a fountain here, it must be regularly cleaned and constantly working. Without the flow, waters become stale, and this may be a risky territory for your emotional world. Put your flower essences on this line, aromatherapy trinkets, and all things that support your deepest faith in love.

Make room for stars, unicorns, magic wands and fairies, amulets and self-cleaning crystals. If you found a special talent of yours, this line supports it greatly so give it a symbol of what you wish to follow as inspiration and your guiding light. Get creative and sensitively personal, as this line is your fullest emotional potential and the place where Venus and Jupiter are found in a magical cooperation.

Line Of Pluto

With symbolism of Pluto widely recognized as extremely maleficent, it is often advised to keep this line as clear as possible. Still, being excluded, with Pluto not being a planet at all, this dwarf of ours carries the deepest wound of not belonging. It is death itself, what is thrown into trash, rotting away, what seizes to exist, and this line is even more sensitive than that of Neptune, as it easily becomes a place where all hope is lost.

Although it is not our best choice to worship Pluto in all its maleficent glow, this line should not be neglected. Its biggest potential is that of healing generational trauma, and it might be the key to resolve your core of any issue that troubles you today. Pluto is extremely important and should not be dismissed.

However, we should keep things on this line as clean as possible, small and effective. There is a practical approach to Pluto – simply putting a trash can or a toilet here, as pretty as possible and always spotlessly clean, but this may lower our energy if we are not aware of its full potential. There are magical and occult sides to this line that can serve our growth and the deepest form of spiritual work.

This is a line boosted by a small figure of your animal guide, one black dot, an image of distant Universe, or a memory of your deepest emotional healing. Avoid negative symbols that bring to focus destruction and things collectively frowned upon as this could push you into an “outcast territory” that is not necessary. Instead, stick to the healing power, information on thorough psychology, family constellations, trauma healing, healing of the Earth, quantum physics or bioenergetic work. You can also use its magical properties, draw your little symbol of Pluto, write down an important affirmation to heal your body, or make this your spot for deep meditation, lying on the floor, finding deepest possible grounding.

This is a place where our heart connects to the Earth, where the planet is “touched”, carrying the core of energy you can use. It heightens the sense of touch in any form and can even remain empty of objects and symbols if you make a ritual of self-healing by hand on this line in times of crisis. Be careful though, for while this may bring special forms of kundalini awakening, the rest of your world should be structured before you sink into its attractive qualities. It is wise to keep time spent here under control and limited until you see how it affects your day-to-day life.


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