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Discover true inner peace at the best yoga retreats in the USA!

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Reconnect with your soul and mind!

As described in Bhagavad Gita, “yoga is the journey of your inner self, through the inner self, to the self.” Yoga is the practice of soothing your mind as it brings you closer to the soul. It is not about just bending or twisting your body, but something more than that. Yoga is something that brings your inner self closer to you. Originated in India, this divine practice has gained prominence all over the world.  

Searching for serenity? Whether you want to spend some quality time in nature, longing for a relaxing time, or want to explore yourself on a deeper level, the USA has yoga treats for all kinds of visitors. Established for the real purpose of fostering tranquility and built against picturesque natural backdrops, these yoga retreats provide the relaxation necessary for rejuvenation, reflection, and discovery. Plan a longer stay, check in for a weekend, or visit for a day; it is totally up to you. Yoga retreats in the USA are a treat for any visitor who just wants to let go, flow, and be with nature. You will learn different physical postures, meditation, and breathing techniques that will help you to improve control over your mind and enhance your well-being. Let’s check out the list of best places in the USA.

Top yoga retreats in the USA

Are you a yoga enthusiast? Go through the below-mentioned list and add these places to your bucket list. You earn a plethora of benefits from doing yoga correctly. Before checking the list, make sure to make British Airways reservations to fly to the USA at economical fares. 

  • Sedona Oneness, Arizona

If you are going on a yoga vacation, then Sedona is the most famous destination that is worthy of your consideration. It has gained popularity because of the availability of the energy healing vortex. This yoga retreat is a must mention in your itinerary as you get various benefits once you come here. You have to spend at least 5 days here to see a major change in yourself that you witness in 6 months if you are taking weekly classes. Indulge in sound healing, meditation, and kundalini yoga, and you will leave this yoga retreat reinvented, revitalized, and renewed. 

  • Feathered Pipe Ranch, Montana

Located in the heart of Big Sky Country, Feathered Pipe Ranch is a Bhakti yoga retreat. It is a paradise for every yogi, and they can even enjoy summers here with their group. It was established in the 1970s, and now it has become a famous spiritual retreat. Some young seekers who went to the ashrams of India have built this retreat. People from different corners of the world come here to release the extra stress from their minds. 

  • Hot Springs Yoga Retreat, California

Are you looking for a long weekend of pampering? This yoga retreat in California is the perfect option for you. Immerse yourself in some good yoga to de-stress and let go. Plan a stay of at least 3 days in this retreat to spend enough time for yourself. A number of yoga styles can be performed here, such as Ashtanga, yin, restorative, vinyasa, Hatha, Iyengar. Attend classes of your preferred yoga style, and don’t forget to chill between classes. Spend time in nature, go kayaking & hiking, stroll along beaches, and enjoy hot springs. 

  • Miraval Resort & Spa

For wellness seekers, Miraval Resort & Spa is heaven. It’s pretty hard to beat this yoga destination with its full moon workshops, an outdoor yoga deck, and a series of complimentary classes. Tuscan is often overlooked when it comes to spiritual flavor. Its heart-opening quality is undoubtedly not to be missed. Apart from the aerial and yoga offerings, visitors get a chance to take part in spa treatments, equine therapy, bodywork, nutrition offerings, apiary experiences, photography, and painting workshops. Take a break from spiritual cleansing and go to luxury villas, suites, and hotel rooms. When you feel hungry, satiate your taste buds by exploring bars and restaurants available at the site. 

  • Kalani, Hawaii

Kalani is the largest retreat center in Hawaii, and it is a paradise for those who wish to enjoy yoga in an adventurous and natural environment. Get away from everything and enjoy simple lodging without television or a phone. This yoga retreat is well-known for its preserved heritage and organic agriculture. Yoga lovers can enjoy daily classes for all interests like bodywork, meditation, dancing, ta chi, hula, and Lauhala weaving. In addition to this, you can also enjoy a pool, a sauna, a whirlpool, and a small gym. 

All these are the top yoga retreats in the USA that offer surreal experiences to all visitors. Confirm your KLM flight booking to fly to the USA without hurting your wallet. Book your tickets now or regret later. 


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