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Discover the Magic of Nile Cruises

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If there is a place that will have the perfect vacation, it would be Egypt and its many exciting river Nile cruise packages. The most popular ones are the Nile cruises and the Luxor day tours. Both of them are very famous and offer some unique benefits to those who avail of their services. There are many more packages that you can try out which might be better for your traveling preferences.

Nile cruises will take you to Egypt’s most famous landmarks such as the Pyramids of Giza and the Valley of the Kings. It is a must see site that cannot be missed. The cruise boat will definitely take you on a great sightseeing spree through this beautiful place. You will also get to witness many amazing things along the way, including the historical Cairo and Luxor monuments. There would definitely be a time that you would want to revisit your sightseeing experiences from the Nile cruise.

Luxor day tours however are not an easy task. You have to make sure that you are physically fit to handle this kind of tour. Nile cruise packages do offer Luxor day tours but they also include other Egypt activities that you might not get if you would simply visit Luxor by yourself. These activities include the Great Sphinx, Valley of the Kings, the Temple of Luxor, Cleopatra’s statue and so much more.

Another benefit

What you would have while in Egypt would be the opportunity to visit the pyramids by Nile Cruises. There are so many reasons why you should never miss out this opportunity. One, you would want to feel that you are walking right into history. Two, the sight of the Great Pyramids is something that you would be able to enjoy for many generations to come. And, three, it is also a great chance to learn about ancient Egyptian culture.

Cairo is also another location that you must definitely experience when it comes to Nile cruise packages. If you were on vacation just anywhere in Egypt, you would see a lot more than Cairo. This is because this city has so much to offer. You can go down to the harbor with a boat tour and enjoy the floating market that operates on the river with delicious local cuisine.

The Luxor Temple complex

Itself is an attraction. You have to see this for yourself. The tour of the Egyptian Antiquities Museum is also something that you cannot miss out on. If you were to take your Luxor day tours on the river, you would end up experiencing the Red Sea. There are so many things to see and do in Egypt; and all of these would be enhanced when you take advantage of Nile cruise packages.

The Nile cruise packages that are available will take you to many of the historical sites and monuments of Egypt. Along with these would be the amazing archaeological sites that have been discovered. When you cruise to the Red Sea side, you will get to visit the numerous biblical sites like Psalidis and St. Catherine’s Monastery. At the same time, you can see many of the other tourist attractions like the Luxor Temple, Cleopatra’s Necklace and St. Catherine’s Monastery.

Each of these sites has something unique to offer. You can also expect to visit the Sinai Peninsula, which is well known for its hot desert and pristine beaches. Nile cruise packages to Egypt can make all of these experiences come to life for you. You will not have any trouble taking in all that Cairo has to offer when you take a cruise there. You will also be able to explore everything that encompasses Egypt when you have the luxury of taking a Nile cruise.


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