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Dipak Nandi MD: Top Trends in Medical Billing that you Should be Aware

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CMS has clearly stated that healthcare expenses will reach an unparalleled 5.7 trillion by 2026. The market is huge as well as reliant with a combination of private as well as public payers. Providers have to stay ahead and follow rules to stay in contention.

It is critical to be aware on the trends of medical billing to optimize processes and receiving full reimbursement for services. Right now in 2021, while digital transformation is taking the entire industry by storm, a lot of providers as well as medical billing companies are suffering with complexities as well as shortage of staffs.

It is interesting to note that the largest per capita medical spending in the world happens in US. Also the administrative expenses almost average close $940. High costs, paying salaries to billers and coders makes the matters worse for most.

Find a top class medical billing company

The outsourcing market for medical billing is humongous. Also, it is growing at a rapid pace and also is expected to reach almost $26 dollars by 2028 and with a CAGR of 12.3%. There are a lot of service players around the market which promise to reduce the revenue leakage for large, small and medium sized healthcare providers.

Just to reiterate, the US medical coding system includes thousands of codes ranging from diagnosis and surgical codes for every specialty and also for surgical procedures. If you want to reduce your billing costs, looking for a trusted partner will be a prime lookout for many.

Dipak Nandi, A quality medical billing outsourcing company understands what it takes to eliminate your practice management challenges. Also, it offers trained resources that will help in focusing on your patient care. A lot of heavy lifting work is needed to be done at the front end which reduces challenges, denials at the back end.

If you are looking for a quality medical billing and coding company, consider RCM company for consistency. We have the ultimate approach, customized reporting and unmatched standards of productivity. Schedule a call to know more on our excellent client references right now!


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