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Diode Dynamics Stage Series Light Bars Are Superior Off-Road Lights

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For those who enjoy off-roading, the necessity of a capable vehicle would seem obvious. Things like high ground clearance, all-wheel drive, wide tires with deep treads, and other features and capabilities are just things we assume are necessary. But they don’t cover the entire list.

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What about those who off-road at night? Vehicle lighting is a component of off-road safety, just as much as the other features will enable you to get off road in the first place. But off-road lights are a necessity and not a suggestion, and often, headlights alone are not good enough.

The Necessity of Off-Road Lights: Why Your Headlights Won’t Cut It

For one thing, all off-roaders should have auxiliary off-road lights, whether they go out at night or not, just to be prepared. Even if you go out at high noon, in a few hours it will be pitch black, and even the best of us has gotten stuck or lost out there at least once.

The problem is that your headlights are probably not only not bright enough to be practical on the trail, but also are not oriented in such a fashion so as to provide viable illumination in the bush. Moreover, your headlights, even if they are “bright enough” probably do not provide a practical spread of illumination.

This is where the value of off-road lights like Diode Dynamics’ Stage Series Light Bars come into focus.

The Best Optical Focus

The Stage Series Light Bars available at Diode Dynamics are made with their proprietary optical technology, which they call TIR, or Total Internal Reflection. The resulting output appears brighter and better focused than other lights using any other optical technology on the market.

Whereas many other manufacturers will use cupped, even deeply cupped reflectors, in an attempt to focus the light output from the chip, much of the output will be lost to glare or scattering anywhere. Diode Dynamics’ Total Internal Reflection directs and focuses all of the light output where it’s needed, creating a sharper, brighter beam.

Easy to Install and Wire

It’s also easy to install and wire their Stage Series Light Bars, using vehicle specific mounting kits and the resources available on their website and on their YouTube channel. The light bars themselves also come with a 6 inch pigtail with bare leads so you can do the wiring yourself, although they can also be used with a Deutsch-style wiring harness or choose from the selection on their website.

Vehicle Specific, CAD-Designed, OEM-Style Mount Kits

Diode Dynamics also produces a wide variety of different vehicle specific mounts that raise the bar for off-road lights in a number of ways. CAD-designs to specific vehicles, their mount kits are intended to mount to factory mounting points and do not require cutting, drilling or extensive modifications.

They’re also designed for an OEM-like appearance for your vehicle and have been engineered to cut back on wind whistling as well.

Plenty of Patterns and Sizes

Their Stage Series LED Light Bars are also ideal for off-road vehicles before they are available in a wide range of sizes and patterns. The light bars are available in sizes ranging from 6 inches to 50 inches and some of their mounts can accept more than one LED off-road light bar.

Additionally, these auxiliary light bars are available in a wide range of practical patterns, including flood lights patterns, wide or fog light patterns and driving light patterns that are excellent for increasing your visibility when you venture off-road.

Learn More at DiodeDynamics.com

If you’re interested in the lighting performance of these or other off-road lights, visit DiodeDynamics.com to learn more about their Stage Series Light Bars and other auxiliary lighting solutions. You can also contact them by phone at 314-205-3033 or at contact@diodedynamics.com to ask questions or learn more.

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