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Different Ways to Style a Yellow Saree

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Yellow is a vibrant color that draws attention for all the right reasons. It’s the perfect summer color, and you can look fresh and bright wearing a yellow outfit. Many Indian celebrities are vouching for yellow sarees, from Priyanka Chopra Jonas to Shilpa Shetty Kundra. It exudes charm, and you look gorgeous in this Indian traditional attire.

You can find the perfect designer yellow saree online. However, it’s important to know your style and what shade would suit you. Also, it’s good if you know how to style a yellow saree. You cannot afford to go wrong with it. The saree, being full of shimmer and shine, needs a sharp eye to style it to perfection. Well, if you find yourself in a dilemma and cannot reach a conclusion when it comes to picking a style, let us help!

In this blog, we’ll discuss how to style a yellow saree with the help of fancy blouses and designer jewelry. Here you go.

Yellow Saree with a Black Blouse

Yellow Saree

You must have noticed girls wearing an orange and black color combination. Well, the times have changed, and it is time to set the trend. Currently, it’s a black blouse with a yellow saree that is drawing all the attention. The color contrast can make you stand apart from the crowd. While shopping for a yellow color saree online, you must also browse designer black blouses so that you can complete the ensemble.

If you’re going to attend a wedding function, you can go for a nice hair bun. You can also keep your hair open if that makes you feel comfortable. You can choose embellished neckpieces but try to wear less jewelry. Maybe a designer choker with studs or dangles would do the magic. Carry a nice clutch and flaunt your large-size ring.

Drape it differently

Yellow Sequin Saree

Styling a yellow saree is fun. Sometimes, you don’t need to buy new jewelry pieces or wear heavy makeup. All you could do is drape it differently and make a style statement with it. You can try draping your saree like a scarf around your neck. For a bold look, choose block-print sarees. Or, you can go further and choose a pant-style saree. For this look, you need to pick the right accessories. You can’t go for all ethnic jewelry pieces. Go for statement pieces, probably silver if it works well. Choose a bangle bracelet over dozens of bangles. A statement ring can make the game. Keep your minimum to the point.

The Kanjeevaram Look

It goes without saying that a yellow Kanjeevaram can melt the hearts of many around you. Set the trend by choosing an embellished Kanjeevaram and complement it with the right accessories and makeup. For an enhanced look, you can go for heavily embellished jewels such as long necklaces and jhumkas. Try shining gold bangles to earn praise from your girl gang. There’s no harm in wearing a shimmery waist belt that can complete your look.

Choose a Pastel Shade

yellow saree

A yellow saree in a pastel shade could be a perfect choice for a summer brunch. Even if you want to attend a formal gathering, it can suffice the fashion requirement. Since we are talking about summer here, you can choose an off-shoulder blouse and buy ethereal jewelry pieces to flaunt your look. We suggest that you choose dangles over jhumkas to beat the heat. A funky hair bun is good enough to make yourself comfortable. Wear minimal jewelry pieces and light makeup. It allows you to dress for the occasion right.

What’s best with the pastel shades is that you can get a rich and royal look. You can shun everything gold and pick a simple pearl necklace that could inspire others around you. Or, it’s best to keep it simple with just a nice pair of jhumkas. You don’t need to wear neckpieces every time you go to an event. Remember, pastel shades carry a charm of their own, and you don’t need to go overboard with your look.

These are a few styling tips that you can use while donning a yellow saree look. You can brainstorm with your girl gang or take the help of your mom to get that perfect look. Either way, don’t forget to choose the best yellow color saree online in the first place. It all starts with knowing your fashion choices and how you can make the best of the situation.

To shop for a designer yellow saree online, head over to the Readiprint Fashions store. You can find exquisite designs and styles in a huge selection of women’s wear. Be it about looking gorgeous at your bestie’s wedding or slaying the Diwali look: you need to choose just the best.


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