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Different Types Of Pet Grooming Scissors

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There are five types of pet grooming shears: curved scissors, thinning scissors, straight scissors, chunkers, and blenders. Their difference is based on your dog’s hair type, style, and size. Let’s discuss all these types in detail to determine the best option for your pet.

Curved Scissors

These type of scissors exists in different lengths, ranging from 4 inches to 10 inches. An expert groomer can cut any shape using straight scissors, but most find it easier to use curved shears for a curved line or circle. It is much easier to cut the top of the head, the tail of a poodle, and the angulation of a bichon with 6.5-inch to 8-inch curved scissors. A bent shear is required to get a rounded angulation. This is why scissors with curved blades are used for round-shaped cuts.

Thinning Scissors

Thinning scissors are one of the unique types of pet grooming shears. Both blades of these scissors are serrated like a comb. It can be used to thin out very thick coats. These scissors allow the modeling of coats wherever necessary. The roots can also be thinned out using these scissors. A thinner source provides for the skin to appear flatter and sleeker.

Straight Scissors

The most commonly used shears for pet grooming are straight scissors. The size ranges from 4 inches to 10 inches. An 8-inch size is mainly used for curly coats of poodles, bichons, and puppies. The smaller scissors, between 6 and 7 inches, are more suitable for smaller dogs. They can also be use on smaller surfaces like the inside of the hind legs of poodles. The smallest size is 4 inches, used where precision work is requir, such as around the legs, feet, eyes, or the tip of ears. Two types of straight scissors are available in longer lengths: the regular narrow and broader. The little scissors are suitable for light and fine coats, whereas wider scissors are suitable for heavy rough coats such as bobtail, Portuguese water dog, cocker, and king poodle.


While cutting curly hair, the leading problem pet groomers face is unequal hair, as the curls shrink after drying. The primary purpose of chunkers is to model heavy loops without creating significant inequalities. At times, a curly coat has too much hair, making it difficult to reach the skin. In such cases, chunkers prove to be extremely useful.


Blenders come with one serrated edge and one smooth edge. This is like a regular pair of scissors. A blender can be use for short and long hair run-over without visible markings. It makes the cutting process reasonably easy. For instance, the hair can be lifte with a comb and cut on the flatter side. Blenders are mainly use for modeling and styling rather than cutting. The best way is to cut against or with the direction of hair growth to avoid markings. You can cut a couple of times and then comb the loose hair from the coat. This process can be repeat until the required result is achieve. As a beginner, you should buy straight scissors and thinning scissors. The rest of the scissors require much more expertise. With these two scissors, you can cut most types, which are very inexpensive. If you are looking for professional pet grooming shears, go to Olfen Beauty for the best quality products.


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