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Different Types of Commission Portrait to Choose From

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Portraits are paintings and photographs that mainly focus on the facial features and expressions of a person. Portraits have been a part of paint artworks for over centuries and have evolved into different types. Today, different types of commission portrait are available. Some of those portraits are as follows:

1. Conventional: A conventional portrait is one where the subject looks straight to the painter. These are also known as posed portraits. Whenever we talk about portraits, conventional portraits often cross our minds.

2. Lifestyle: The opposite of traditional or conventional portraits are lifestyle portraits. In lifestyle portraits, the subject is painted doing an everyday casual activity that depicts their lifestyles. In this type of portrait, the subject looks away from the painter and focuses on his daily activity instead.

3. Environment: Generally, portraits are something that focuses mainly on the subject, not on the environment. But environment portraits are quite different. In this type of portrait, both the environment and the subject are the center of focus and given equal importance.

4. Candid: Candid portraits are the ones that are not planned. These portraits are often taken with the aim to catch random emotions of the subject. These types of portraits are hard to draw but give one of the best outcomes and results.

5. Glamour and Boudoir: Women often prefer these types of portraits to show off their confidence, optimism, and jovialness. These portraits often record the glamor and beauty of the subject. Hence, they are often preferred and loved by the subject.

6. Conceptual: The conceptual portraits are entirely filled with thoughts, ideas, and expressions. The painters often add some extra features, such as props, and background, to enhance the beauty of the portraits. The adding of extra features is often referred to as editing, which focuses on both, the subject and the ideas.

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