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Different styles of Canvas Prints Suited for Your Home

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Canvas photo prints are a fantastic form of art that can help you revamp the look of your home or office space. Such prints help you redefine different elements of your home. However, sometimes, simply hanging up plain canvas prints or personalized photo frames is just not enough! 

You might feel like you are missing something that can bring out the essence of your home. Most people are unaware that there is not just one type of canvas print, they are available in a wide variety of high-quality prints. Today, you can easily access a wide variety of canvas wall arts that can help you add the little extra you are looking for. 

But which type of Canvas prints are most ideal for furnishing your home? Here’s a guide to help you be informed about the different types of Canvas prints that are best suited for treating high-quality interior decor for your home and office space. Let’s have a look: 

Different Canvas Print Styles to Suit Your Home

Before we move ahead with the different designs, it is essential that you need to have a vision, when decorating a space. Interestingly, the ambiance of the space can be your initial starting point to design different digital photo frames. Once you have a clear idea of what type of theme you want to create for the room, you can then choose the type of Canvas print wall art that best suits your needs. So let’s get started. 

  1. Canvas Prints Wrapped in Gallery Style

The most common type of framework used for Canvas prints is the gallery-wrapped Canvas. It is a single Canvas wrapped around a robust, challenging framework. The edges of the Canvas are wrapped around the frame without being cut. The rope is very tightly secured safely with multiple staples to the wooden frame to protect the Canvas from being wrinkled or damaged easily. This, in turn, gives the Canvas print a sense of depth and dimension, which makes the print look more lively. 

Gallery wrapped canvas prints are a more traditionally used type and are best suited for larger-sized prints. This type of Canvas print is mainly found in galleries and museums. Decorators and designers more prefer them for the lightweight and stylish look, which can work with almost any type of room. They are easier to hang and can be best for displaying works of photography.

  1. Collages on Canvas 

Wanna do something creative with your Canvas print? Making a collage of multiple photos can portray your creative outlook. You can collage Canvas prints in two different ways. You can either choose to print multiple pictures into one print or divide a picture into multiple frames and then hang them up in different patterns to give it a more artistic and unique look. Photo collages on Canvas prints are more eye-catching as they are more personal and authentic. 

You can arrange collaged Canvas prints according to your room’s needs. Stacked multilayering prints are suited for lining up canvases in a vertical direction on the wall. This is ideal if you have a long heightened wall rather than a larger space. You can also get various-sized prints and arrange them in different synchronized or non-synchronized patterns to make space look more attractive. 

  1. Scroll style hanging or calendar hanging Canvas prints

This is a unique style of printing photos on Canvas. This is a more modern approach to Canvas photo prints as they have a more semi-glossy finish. And they look very sleek and stylish because of the two metallic bars or wooden bars at the two ends. Scroll-style hanging Canvas prints can be a different and new approach for displaying personal photos and also great for gifting on any special occasion. 

  1. Wall art or popup art prints

Printing pop-up art or wall art on Canvas is a raging way of printing photos for decorating purposes. This type of canvas photo print is more suited for decorating rooms for teenagers for kids because they display more colors in shapes that can make the room look more vibrant and colorful. Printing quotes and captions on Canvas is becoming a trend that you could keep up with. This type of Canvas photo print can help you set a mood for the room.

  1. Long vertical prints on Canvas

If you have a long but not so wide wall, then you can choose to print multiple photos vertically on one Canvas. This helps you fill-up the world as well as display multiple photos of one occasion or subject at a time. You can customize vertical prints of any desirable size and can feature as many photos as you like on one canvas.

  1. Horizontal canvas wall art

Horizontal Canvas prints are more suited for artistic decorating and for displaying wide panoramic shots. Horizontal Canvas prints are ideal for wide panorama shots, especially of any scenic beauty or void subjects like a horse. 

  1. The panoramic shot

Panoramic Canvas photo prints are ideal for showcasing pictures of photographs of nature, wildlife, landscape, etc. You can also choose to show off large family portraits or group photos at a wedding or other functions with panoramic prints. Panoramic Canvas prints look stunning when decorated according to the position of furnishing in a room. 

If you want to give this a little more artistic view, you can divide the panoramic prints and get such photo frame online and print it on multiple canvases. 

  1. Canvas prints with frames

It hardly ever comes to mind to frame a digital Canvas photo print. When you decide to print photos on Canvas, you mostly do it for the traditional and textured look. But sometimes, adding a frame to a Canvas photo print can work wonders. 


Choosing a frame for the Canvas can also add character to the print. You can select the color and build the frame according to the theme of the decor. Framed Canvas photo prints can also make collages stand out more and look even more trendy and stylish. 

Canvas Prints bring You the Perfect Home!

Now that you know, you can choose from the different styles of canvas photo prints and get started decorating your space. Printing a photo on Canvas is very simple. All you need to decide on which photo you want to print and the size of the canvas. Canvas prints allow you to customize photos in innumerable ways, and for this reason, it’s ideal for almost all types of home decor and interior design.


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