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Different Services that a Removal Company Provides

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Whether you want complete removal of your property or you just want to move some items, removal services are the perfect solution for this. They not only provide these services whilst moving house or office but they also provide relocation services to a library, a museum, to IT/ telecom and many more. You can also avail of their services if you are shifting from one country to another. These removal companies have the resources and the expertise to make any type of removal easy and convenient for you.

Office Removal:

After the hiring of a removal company, they come to visit the site for performing free surveys and give you free quotations of their services. By informing them about the type of services you want, you can get a tailored package made which fits your requirements and the budget. The removal services in London also provide you with a packing service, in this, you can ask them to pack your materials for you and complete your packing. The vehicles used for transporting the furniture are all liveried, secured, and tracked.

Any unwanted furniture rejected by you is taken to be recycled by the vehicles. Trail-lift vehicles are used for ensuring safe and secure loading and unloading of your goods. But before an office removal takes place a working floor plan and a deck plan should be designed. Relocation services can also be availed at night, on weekends, and on holidays which ensures that your work is least disrupted during your office timings.

Library Relocation:

You can easily get your library relocated with the help of removal companies without facing any challenge. The library removal services are present in the public sector, educational sector, private sector, and commercial libraries. Before you want your library to be relocated, you can call a professional to come to the site and give you a free site survey, free quotation, and free moving advice. They will also create a detailed moving plan for you which will enable you to have smooth and tension-free moving. Some other services that library removal companies offer you are:

  • Sub-sequential packing and unpacking of your valuable goods
  • Dismantling of library shelving and library fittings
  • Differentiating books, catalogs, multimedia with the help of colored identification labels
  • Moving of artifacts, specialist collections, rare books, and fine art with care
  • Disposal of multimedia in an environment-friendly way
  • Re-use and recycling of unwanted stock
  • Providing an acid-free packaging material that ensures that your books are fully protected

·         And lastly it provides specialist storage. This is basically an indoor containerized storage system that is temperature-controlled. This ensures that there is zero degradation of books when stored in such containers.

Museum Removal:

As every museum has its own special artifacts, movers understand that it also has its own unique requirements. Hence a professional removal company works closely with the curators in order to know their special artifacts and to understand which type of piece will be stored in what type of material. Though many relocation services use packing, wrapping, lifting equipment, and protective relocation skills to meet their exact requirements. Removal of the museum has to be very careful as anyone’s wrong move can cause damage to the fine art and exposed museum pieces.

For eradicating this purpose, detailed move plans should be drawn and strictly followed. As we already know, that these vehicles are equipped with tail lifts to ease the loading and unloading process. In addition to this, they are also equipped with special lifting equipment such as lorry-mounted cranes, spider cranes, and stair robots. The vehicles are also equipped with air-ride suspension for a smooth journey. Relocation services for private collectors are also available even if you want to transport a single item or a whole collection.

Cabinet Removals:

Removing and moving a cabinet yourself can be a tough job to do. These are attached to 2 places on the wall. For this, you would first have to detach them from each other, then locate the screw on the walls and remove them in order to completely detach the cabinet from the wall. If you are not an experienced person, then this can be a tough job to do. But no need to worry, you can easily hire a removal service. Whether it’s a safe or a fire-proof cabinet, you will get a hassle-free service.  Our movers are experts, they will even fit your cabinet through the doorways, lift, or staircases if they have to. These removal companies have a staff that performs their services in accordance with the risk assessments


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