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Difference Between Data Scientist, Data Analyst & Data Expert

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Globally, many have chosen data science and big data as a mainstream career option, but still many are unaware of about the different options that are available. Many claims suggest big data analyst will be discarded after big data, while a few claim that big data and data science are similar, or one is a subset of another.

Data science has been here for a long time, while big data, on the other side, and is fairly new, originating from the former with many relevant transformations. Data analysis leverages the techniques and software systems that are helpful in either and vice versa with respect to techniques. Sometimes, a data analytics certification is a mandatory prerequisite to get a data analyst job.

Let’s have a look at the comparison between data scientists, big data analyst and other big data experts.

 Data ScientistsBig Data AnalystBig Data experts
      DefinitionSimilar to the word ‘scientist,’ data scientists gather data, build and maintain databases, clean and segregate data for several needs and also work on data visualization and analysis.With the help of automated tools, the data analysts collect the segregated data and insights. They understand the datasets and do an extensive and in-depth analysis to determine business and product related strategies.The big data experts deal with a continuous and huge amount of data, define parameters and datasets for analysis, and program analytical systems to offer strategic insights for businesses.
      SkillsSAS, R, Python programming, Hadoop similar tools, SQL database, Analytical skills, Statistics, Mathematics, Visionary thinking, Restructuring Data, Database Construction and Management    Artificial Intelligence, Programming, Statistics and Mathematics, Machine Learning, Data Visualization and Communication, Data Wrangling and Dataset Definition  Java, Hadoop, Mathematics and Statistics, Programming and Computer Science, Analytical Skills, Business Strategy
  Impact on Various IndustriesWeb development, Search Engines, Advertisements, Internet search, E-commerce, Finance, Digital advertisements, Telecom, Utilities, Adaptive Algorithms, AI SystemsTravelling and transportation, Financial analysis, Retail, Research, Energy management, Healthcare, Insurance, Administration, Gaming, Distribution SystemsRetail, Banking and investment, Fraud detection and analyzing, Customer-centric applications, Operational analysis, E-commerce, Financial Services, Communication  

The job role of a big data analyst is to offer clear and in-depth insights about the state of the business. The offer a better vision to understand the organizational objectives and what all should be done to achieve the firm’s goals. They use several data analytical tools which is very simple to use as they are helpful to automate data analysis and collection, as well as for generating the real-time reports. An organization needs analytics as they are very useful to measure and support the user behavior and other business related activities.

Doing a data analyst certification program will help an individual to learn these tools in a better way. The demand for big data jobs has risen immensely in the current world, due to the penetration of digital technologies in numerous industries. The job role of a data analyst has vast application and is more diverse adoption in many industries. Even the educational and academic prerequisites are lower for a data analyst.

Data analytics is very helpful for any business as they play a prominent role in the growth of the business.

  • Decision-making
  • Segment audience
  • Ideal demographics

In the current modern era, data analytics has become a crucial aspect of business processes. Many firms hire data analysts to perform necessary analytics on data. According to McKinsey, there were more than 10,000 job openings for a Data Analyst in 2020. Also, the average salary of a Data Analyst is around US$105,253 in the USA.

End Notes

With the aforementioned information, the differences between data scientist, data analyst, and big data expert can be understood clearly. With the help of this information an individual can plan their career in this growing field accordingly.


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