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Difference Between All-season And Winter Tyres

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Weather changes its face to test the skills of car drivers. Thus, drivers need to buy appropriate tyres for their vehicles. This statement was useless some decades ago since drivers had no choice. But nowadays, they have seasonal tyres that are made according to the needs of drivers in different seasons.

Winter tyres, summer tyres, and all-season tyres are three common categories of seasonal tyres. Winter tyres are made for cold conditions and summer tyres are designed for hot weather. It is possible to use All-Season Tyres Milton Keynes year-round since they are designed for different seasons.

In this article, we are trying to find out the differences between all-season tyres and winter tyres.

All-season tyres are made to use throughout the year

All-season tyres or all-weather tyres provide the combined benefits that you get from winter tyres in the cold season and summer tyres in the summer months.

All-season tyres come with tread blocks that are deeper than summer tyres and shallower than winter tyres. This tread design makes them ideal in both summer and winter conditions in terms of grip, traction, and responsiveness.

All-season tyres are extremely beneficial for those who reside in areas where mild seasonal changes take place. These drivers save the buying and maintenance cost since they do not need two sets of tyres. All-season tyres are effective on a layer of mild snow but they will not provide proper grip on a thick pack of ice. Therefore, using them for mild weather conditions is a good decision.

Winter tyres are used for cold weather

Winter tyres are made for severe winter conditions. They are made with a softer rubber compound that stays soft when the temperature is below 7DegreesC. Besides the rubber material, the tread design of winter tyres is also optimized for winter conditions. They have deeper tread blocks with sips to keep water away and maintain a proper grip on cold and icy roads.

Can you use all-season tyres in the winter season?

All-season tyres are optimized for different weather conditions. Thus, it is not possible to use them for rough weather conditions. Surely, you can use them in the winter season if heavy snowfalls do not take place in that place. Road surfaces that are covered with mild snow would not be unfavourable for all-season tyres.

But do not use them in the winter season.

Can you use winter tyres year-round?

This is also a bad idea.

Winter tyres have a tread design that supports heavy snowfalls, extremely cold roads, and slippery surfaces.

The rubber compound of these tyres is going to remain soft when the temperature is near freezing point. Thus, the same compound of rubber would not be suitable for warmer weather. Moreover, increased sipes in winter tyres will be uncomfortable for a car driver in the summer months.

So, it is better you do not use winter tyres year-round and use summer tyres in the summer season or choose all-season tyres.

Which tyres should you choose?

The decision to choose all-season tyres depends on the weather of your place. If you drive often on snow-packed and cold roads, it is better if you have a high-quality set of winter tyres. Winter tyres are equally better on snow and dry cold roads. Moreover, they are made to displace water effectively as well. Thus, you need these tyres in the winter season.

All-season tyres are, however, used throughout the year but you can use them in only moderate weather conditions. All-season tyres are durable with their thick tread construction. But, they do not work during the season of heavy snowfalls. If you are sure weather conditions are not risky in your place, surely you can use all season Tyres Milton Keynes without any confusion.

If you still cannot decide, you can always ask your question by visiting a tyre dealer or you can browse some websites to enhance your information as well.


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