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Things To Consider While Developing AR Game App

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We’re in a digital age that is all about changes and evolution, the democratization of various types of technologies is changing our daily life in meaningful patterns. Augmented Reality is one such technology that is catching wind nowadays.

From QR code scanning to the hype of Pokemon Go, AR is evolving so rapidly that it has unleashed a new segment on its own called AR Gaming. According to research, AR tech will acquire 1.73 mobile users by 2024.

Various gaming entrepreneurs are looking towards AR game app as an enormous business opportunity. Moreover, the IT tycoons like Microsoft are also working on AR to derive innovative products.

If you’re also looking to bring your gaming into life through Augmented then you’ve come to the right place. Here, you’ll learn the things that nobody will tell you while developing the AR game app. 

However, before diving into the core, let’s start with some basics.

Types of Augmented Reality


The marker-based AR has various daily life applications and bar code scanners are the best use cases of it. Whenever a mobile scans the QR code, the in-built system detects and integrates the QR code and links it to the pre-defined app.


The Marker-less AR are not predefined to any app, they use real-time scaling through some mathematical functions of the X-axis and Y-axis.

Things to Know Before Making an AR Game App

Developing an AR game app requires a good amount of investment and a well-versed AR game development company, always think about the following points before investing in such advanced technology.

  1. Make a user funnel and analyze the market requirements of your game app
  2. Research about types of Software Development Kits (SDKs) that will suit your game vision
  3. What type of 2d and 3d objects will corroborate your AR content

All of these points are very crucial to build a compelling AR game app with interactive features and an incredible user experience. However, selecting an SDK determines the overall quality of the end product. Therefore, always follow the following parameters to proceed with a relevant Software Development Kit. 

Things to Know Before Making an AR Game App
Things to Know Before Making an AR Game App

Target Distance 

Try to figure out the distance that a device camera will use to recognize an object or image. Because some cameras can only recognize the image after placing it close to the lens.

Recognition Ability

Does your AR game app need to recognize multiple objects at a time? research about the SDK that can scan more than one object at a time to ensure an incredible AR gaming experience.

Variable Marker Function

If your game content requires a user to change the markers respectively then select an SDK that supports dynamic marker configuration. Moreover, that SDK should also be compatible with API integration to expand the functionality of the dynamic environment.

Cloud Database

Nowadays, most AR gaming apps use cloud technology to avoid the hassles of low memory space. Therefore, hire well-versed AR game developers that can integrate the game app with a reliable cloud service that can store various types of markers without making any fluctuation. 

Type of Platform

Hire an AR game development company that has the experience to work on SDKs compatible with native and cross-application platforms. There are various AR game developers that provide SDKs for different types of game development studios such as Unreal, Unity, etc.


All of the above-given aspects are essential for developing a successful AR game app. However, before hiring an AR game development company always check their experience, live AR games, customer testimonials, and work portfolio because AR game development is not a one-handed task, and it requires a good amount of investment.


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