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Destiny 2 Season of the Deep: an overview of important mechanics

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Despite some unexpected technical issues, Destiny 2 released its 21st season on May 23 with another weekly reset, dubbed the Season of the Deep. The new season includes another patch, a continuation of the main storyline, seasonal storyline quests, new activities, mechanics, and various equipment.

Destiny 2 becomes more and more interesting every season – new activities, new plot twists, and equipment appear. But playing it is not easy if the player is new to the world of Destiny 2. Many players use the destiny 2 carries service to successfully develop in the game and get cool items. This service helps you level up your character faster, complete difficult missions, and participate in seasonal activities.

In the following article, we’ll explore in depth some of the most crucial new season aspects.

Light level

The makers of Destiny 2 opted to leave the maximum light level at 1810 for the first time in the game’s chronology. We believe that such a choice may be reasonably view as another step toward streamlining the process of raising the intensity of light.

Due to the following limitations, this option additionally makes it simpler to get the ideal light level for the majority of end-game activities in Season 21, since you just need to improve the seasonal artifact to level 10.


Destiny 2 can now safely be called the most real full-fledged MMORPG, because it finally added a vital mechanic – fishing (this is a joke). It opens during the passage of a special quest (issued immediately after the completion of the first part of the seasonal storyline), is made according to very simple mechanics, and allows you to get various equipment and 50 triumphs. Before you start fishing, you first need to dig up bait. You can carry a maximum of 500 pieces of bait with you, you can check the current stock in your inventory by pointing at a special item. At the time of this writing, there are only three places where you can go fishing (they are mark with a special icon on the map) – in the European Dead Zone, on Nessus, and in the Throne World of Savathun. To start the fishing process, you need to approach the water in certain places, press the interaction button, wait until the float falls under the water, and press the interaction button again. Having done all this, you will catch a fish of a certain weight and grade (from the lowest to exotic), and only the grade is important because it affects the reward.


The plot of season 21 revolves around Sloan, a female guardian who chooses to stay on Titan, consumed by darkness. While the rest of the Guardians tried to somehow prevent the Witness from achieving their plans, Sloane tried to survive in Titan’s methane sea, established a connection with the leviathan Asa, and absorbed the corruption of the Taken. It is not entirely clear who this time acts as the main villain, but in various missions, the goddess of war Hive, Zivu Arat, periodically yells on guard. Based on the first part of the storyline, over the next 3 months, with the help of the Drifter, users will gradually help Sloan to strengthen the connection with Asa so that she can tell something new about the Witness. Unfortunately, Titan itself did not return as an open location for study, but only as a location where various activities and tasks take place. But in some activities, players can wander through the underwater areas of Titan.


As the developers promised, Season 21 brought with it a special quest available to all owners of the Lightfall add-on. It might be found on Nimbus on Neomuna. It and all future quests of this kind are designed to solve the biggest problem of the expansion – to tell in more detail about the Veil, the mysterious object with which the Witness created a huge portal. The quest itself consists of 6 simple tasks, however, because they are connected with Neomuna, at the very beginning you will have to fight opponents higher than you in light level.

  • Collect 10 data from the Cabals on Neomuna (you may find them in the upper right part of the map). Keep in mind that data does not drop from every enemy.
  • Get Vex data from location X – you will have to destroy several waves of ordinary and elite opponents.
  • Get vex data from place Y – everything is the same as in place X.
  • Complete a special mission – at the end, you have to fight the tormentor in the arena where you killed Calus.
  • Meditate by the pond.
  • Acquire a new Strand aspect. Fortunately, on Twinks, you don’t need to replay the quest, but only buy an aspect from the pond.

If you are a beginner and you have some questions about the game, then you can first ask for help on the official forum of the game, where discussions of new seasons take place.

New Strand Aspects

Threaded Specter is a hunter. After activating the dodge, a thread double appears in the place of the character, attracting the attention of nearby enemies. After absorbing a certain amount of damage, or if an enemy is nearby, the doppelgänger explodes, dealing damage and summoning two spawns.

The Wanderer – warlock. Thrown plexuses stick to the target/surface and then explode, suspending everyone in the radius of destruction into the air.

Flechette storm – titanium. When a charged melee skill becomes enabled during sliding, the character flies upward, knocking back and dealing damage. While in the air, reactivating the melee ability causes the character to launch several thread needles toward the pointer, dealing damage and unwinding the enemy.

By quickly pressing the melee ability button, you can launch several alternate groups of needles at once, with two charges, a maximum of 5 groups. Seasonal Perks Bungie has finally decided to redesign the seasonal NPC upgrade system, in our opinion, making it much more convenient and enjoyable. The system has moved to the Seasonal Challenge interface, and all you need to do to unlock upgrades is complete the specified tasks. Moreover, if you wish, you can already open 7 out of 10 improvements right now, spending a certain amount of time.


Destiny 2 is a game play by millions of people around the world because the developers are constantly adding something new with every release. It has a fairly high rating on IMDb, which indicates a large fan base. Therefore, if you have never played Destiny 2, we advise you to try it.


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