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Designing the Ultimate BBQ Pit – Everything You Must Have

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You’ve decided that you want a BBQ pit in the garden so that you can have friends, family, and even colleagues over in the summer.

Imagine the sun shining down, delicious food on the BBQ, and not a worry about work or anything else.

This sounds perfect, but how do you get started? Here’s everything you need to consider when designing the ultimate BBQ pit.

The Perfect Location

First and foremost, do you have the perfect location for a BBQ pit in the garden? It’s no use planning the rest of the BBQ pit if you don’t actually have somewhere to put it.

When choosing a location, keep in mind that this area is going to get hot. Don’t put the BBQ pit next to bushes and brush because this is a fire hazard.

Similarly, you don’t want it on the path back into the house – you don’t want guests having to walk through smoke just to move between the inside and outside.

You don’t want to be right next to the house, but you also don’t want to be far away. You’ll soon lose motivation for the BBQ if you have to take all the meats on a 15-minute trek. Although a slight exaggeration, you get the idea.

Choose a Style

For those who haven’t done too much research into this area, know that there are several different styles of BBQ pit. If you don’t know where to start, look through Pinterest and other platforms that gather different styles.

Eventually, you’ll find one that matches your needs. If you only have a small space available, you may need to go for something unique.

When choosing a style, keep your budget in mind – you don’t want to get half-way through and then run out of funds. Suddenly, you’re forced to stop building and you have a half-finished BBQ pit in the garden until next summer.

Money-Saving Tip – Ask friends and family to help, especially those in the building industry. If they can offer some bricks, perhaps you can pay them back with a burger and an afternoon at yours after building the pit?

Consider Long-Term Maintenance

It’s all well and good building an extravagant BBQ pit that makes everybody smile in the summer, but don’t forget that you’re the one that has to look after it in the winter.

The more extravagant the design, the harder it becomes to cover and keep protected when the colder months come around. With a simple rectangle or square design, it’s easier to find a cover and keep it from harm.

Professional Help

When designing the ultimate BBQ pit, ‘everything you must have’ could include professional help. If you aren’t confident in turning your dreams into a reality alone, don’t be afraid to contact a professional builder.

Not only will they have experience in planning, but they can also build the pit quickly and efficiently. They’ll understand the common problems, best materials, and ways to make the project come in under budget.

Beautiful Design

In the past, you might have been restricted with the materials you used for a BBQ pit. These days, it’s possible to make the pit look like a feature rather than an eyesore in the garden.

You can dress your BBQ pit and blend it into the garden with beautiful concrete tiles. As well as being resistant to fire, you can choose a colour that matches the outside of your home and the rest of the garden.

When designing the ultimate BBQ pit, you also need to think about nearby plants, how much you expect to cook, and more!


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