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Designer Brand Wallpaper – How Wallpaper is Making a Comeback

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The changes made in decorating design and furnishings are constant, with classes and fashions coming and going. In the past year, designer brand wallpaper has gone out of fashion and is now making a remarkable comeback. This time, its response is vengeance; as the new and unique style and textures hit the shops, people are fascinated by the original plans.

If you want to transform the whole appearance of your house or make one wall a feature, then choosing wallpaper as a wall decoration can offer a stunning visual aspect.

How do you learn to hang the wallpaper in the right way?

  • Wallpaper can make a tremendous difference in the appearance of any room, and if you learn to hang it the right way, you’ll be amazed at the transformation it can bring to your home.
  • It is relatively simple to learn how to hang the paper correctly. Still, it takes patience and attention to detail, mainly if you depend on patterned wallpaper, which requires matching at the seams.
  • Gather your materials and have a read of the following instructions before starting your wallpapering project, and always take a look at the manufacturer’s guidelines as each kind of wallpaper will have its features.

Some Ways to Decorate your Home

Today virtually nothing is impossible in the world of interior design, and wall coverings are unique. Gone, not forgotten but is the era of Victorian-style wallpaper. In addition to that choice of creation is a myriad of custom design choices and ideas to explore that can increase your interior space.

If you are in the market or a local store, here are a few design tips that may work for your space.

Contemporary Wallpapers

The design option that may work to enhance your interior space is contemporary or abstract patterns and images.

  • It’s the ultimate accessory in the world of a luxury interior.
  • You can give a unique visual appeal and an infusion of energy that is sure to pay dividends in the way you live your life, and with a custom wall covering, you will be sure that you are the only person with that particular design.
  • Long gone are the walls with a painted finish. Recently we have seen the fashion of using wallpaper in interior projects increase in popularity as more and more designers switch to their dramatic look.

Things to consider while choosing wallpaper

With all the available options today, it could be easy to become overwhelmed when deciding which wall covering will work best for you. There are some points that you should remember when it is time to choose your wallpaper design.

  • Personal Style

First and foremost, be true to yourself and your style. Wallpaper gives an image to the room and, once applied, will be on your wall for a long time. 

  • Matches with the rest of the decor

Secondly, ensure that it fits the room that it’s intended for. Even if you love a particular design, it simply may be too overpowering for a specific area. It may draw the focus away from other design elements of the room instead of bringing the space together as a cohesive design.

Check out the latest wallpaper and fabric designs today and discover new ways to update your home. Designer brand wallpaper is making a remarkable comeback with unique features.


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