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When You Should Look For a Dermatologist in Jaipur

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Wrinkles and Blemishes are some of the common skin disorders. But there are thousands of conditions that can become skin problems. Though some can be considered to cause very mild symptoms. While others can be a bit serious to affect everyday life. Skin rashes, itching, pain, redness, pus, and pigmentation can be some reasons to seek a dermatologist in Jaipur. 

A dermatologist is one who treats the skin problem also known as Skin Doctor in Jaipur. Skin specialist in Jaipur specializes in treating skin, hair, and nails syndromes. And some treatments are used for improving the skin and to regain luster. Regular checkups for Skin related issues can save your life from very serious skin conditions like Skin Cancer. There are many conditions that merit a visit to the dermatologist in Jaipur.

Dr. Sachin Sharda, the founder of Jaipur SkinCity is the best dermatologist in Jaipur. He has been awarded for performing more than 3,000 skin and hair surgeries and also treats more than 1 lakh people in India. The rank-giving website “Threebestrated.in” has awarded him as the top Dermatologist in Jaipur providing the best skin and hair treatment in India. You can also visit his fully maintained hygienic skincare clinic in Jaipur. 

Acne Scar Treatment by Dr. Sachin Sharda

Acne Scar Treatment by Dr. Sachin Sharda

Acne is the most common skin syndrome in India. It is one of the main reasons for causing blemishes on the face. These blemishes can be in the form of deep cysts, blackheads, pimples, and whiteheads. These occur because of the oil glands present in the skin which releases sebum substance. The pores get clogged by it. Bacteria may also be the reason. At any age, one can suffer from the Acne problem. It is most profound in teenagers. One can find blemishes particularly on the neck, face, shoulders, chest, and back. Acne is not a life-threatening problem but still, it can upset you. If proper treatment is not done then it can leave scars permanently. In its treatment, one can adopt the prescribed gels and cream, chemical peels, laser therapy, and oral medication.

Eczema Treatment

Eczema Treatment

The condition in which the skin swells up due to the inflammation caused by chronic skin conditions is termed Eczema. A person can get emotionally distressed due to it. It results in dry and itchy skin. Atopic dermatitis is a commonly found eczema. Babies and children are particularly affected by it. Children may face sleeping troubles due to itchiness caused by it. With skin exams and a certain number of tests, Eczema is diagnosed by dermatologist in Jaipur. For curing it completely it is essential to have good skincare properly.

Psoriasis Treatment by Dr. Sachin Sharda

Psoriasis Treatment by Dr. Sachin Sharda

In this problem, one’s immune system is affected. As a result, the formation of the skin cells takes quickly and then gets piled up. Then patches are formed which are termed as plaques. These are red, thick, painful, itchy, and possess silvery scales. Especially these appear on the scalp, elbows, legs, face, and knees. Through the microscope, dermatologist in jaipur can detect and diagnose Psoriasis by just examining the skin sample. This is a chronic disease. For soothing the skin creams can prove worthy. Oral medication is included in the treatment.

Signs of Aging Treatment

Signs of Aging Treatment - Dermatologist in Jaipur

According to our age, skin changes take place. We all can have age spots like wrinkles, discolorations, and dryness of the skin. These aging signs become more prominent when coming in contact with the ultraviolet rays of the sun. To avoid sun damage one can apply sunscreen to the body. Having a proper diet and avoiding smoking can help to keep the skin in good condition. But if one is still not content with the skin then that person can seek a dermatologist. For skin tightening, there are several treatments available. Treatments that can help to give you a youthful look again are as follows:-

  • Chemical peels
  • Laser Therapy
  • Botox injections
  • Wrinkle fillers

Skin Cancer Treatment by Jaipur SKinCity

Skin Cancer Treatment by Jaipur SKinCity

The commonly known Cancer is Skin Cancer. If it is diagnosed earlier then it becomes much easy to cure it. Melanoma is dangerous skin cancer and can prove deadly. The warning signs for it include skin growth which results in a change in color, texture, thickness, size, and shape. The key warning for this disease is irregular growth. If a person’s skin is continuously scab, hurt, crust, itch, and bleed then he/she must rush to a dermatologist. It will be beneficial to have routine checkups.

Hair Loss Treatment 

Hair Loss Treatment - Dermatologist in Jaipur

Every day around 100 hairs are shed by the people. Thinning hair and bald patches can indicate some problems. Hair loss can occur due to pregnancy stress and some health issues. One can also inherit this problem. Dermatologist in Jaipur detects the cause of hair loss through a microscope by examining the sample. To restore hair growth a person can adopt medications like surgical procedures and laser treatments in Jaipur.

Skin Infection Treatment 

Skin Infection Treatment 

A dermatologist can only treat skin infections caused due to bacteria, yeast, viruses, and fungus. Itching and nagging problems arise due to fungus. Warts and herpes occur due to viruses. Cellulitis a bacterial infection of the skin can be serious if not dealt with with antibiotics. Only an expert dermatologist in Jaipur can detect the infection source and then treat it effectively.

Hair Removal By Laser Technique 

Hair Removal By Laser Technique - Dermatologist in Jaipur

Laser hair removal is a popular thing suggested by many dermatologist in Jaipur. In this treatment, a specialized laser is used which deeply goes inside the skin layers. It uses hair pigment as a guide. The hair follicle was targeted by the laser and enhances the ability of hair to grow. For all kinds of skin tones, this is an excellent option. For permanent removal of unwanted hairs, the best option is laser hair removal.

Milia on Face Removal Treatment

Milia on Face Removal Treatment

Are you still in big wonder how milia are caused on the person’s face? When skin loses its ability to naturally exfoliate then the formation of Milia takes place. Dead skin cells are keratin(hair protein) composed. Underneath the nails get a build-up and result in a bump. These things can occur due to skin trauma like blisters, burns, etc. They can also occur due to conditions of dandruff and rosacea. Genetics can also be another factor to detect Milia.


You can get back your flawless skin with the magnificent luster. But to attain that all you have to do is to seek a Dermatologist in Jaipur. Jaipur SkinCity is the best place to book your appointment which has been founded by the renowned and the best skin doctor in Jaipur- Dr. Sachin Sharda. He is an ideal dermatologist in Jaipur to provide satisfactory results on treatments like hair transplant in Jaipur, acne scar treatment, laser hair removal, stretch marks treatment, and many more. People can regain their diminished beauty and flaunt back in their most admirable looks. So without thinking much, just book an appointment by just giving a call on this no. 094689 75757. 


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