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Demerits of Open House by Scott DiSarno

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The open house is an easy way of showcasing a house or property open to sale. People come and visit the house conveniently and then make a decision on the real estate property investment.Scott Disarno considers Open house to be a facility that aids people in visiting it closely and have a variety of options to choose from.

Before thinking about having an open house at display one has to really compare the merits and demerits of it. As every coin has two sides, the open house has both merits and demerits. Scott Disarno has put forth few demerits of open house that can hamper the serving of its purpose. An open house can serve its purpose rather effectively but these demerits can hurdle up the process.

Security can be compromised:

Scott Disarno states that since open house services do not hold anyone from entering the house, it can compromise the owner’s security and privacy as well. The privacy of the owner can be held back when strangers enter the personal space of the owner. Scott Disarno considers open house to be a magnet to the chances of execution of theft and crime. Thieves and fraudsters can use the chance open house service for entering into the property of somebody and then execute ill intentions.

2. Emotional pressure:

When the owner put up a house for an open house. Scott Disarno considers that situation to be stressful for the owner. Hosting an Open house can be a tad pressurizing for the owner. If they do not receive better impressions and a good number of clients to enter the house. Along with that, vacating the house at the decided date of the events. Can add pressure when the owner is living in the house. Scott Disarno states that it also becomes difficult for the owner. To host open house events as it displays the whole house. And they try their level best to keep up with the expectations of the potential buyers by keeping the house clean. Organized and full of positive energy. In addition, If the owner repeatedly puts up the same house for an open house facility, it can send out a negative message and increase pressure on the owner.

3. Curious neighbors can create unnecessary chaos:

 Scott Disarno considers curious neighbours and lookie-loos to be very ineffective in serving the purpose of the open house. The owner who puts up his house at the display as an open house will definitely attract. Non-serious lookers and curious neighbors who just are interested in going into the property. Observe the interior and compare it with theirs. They end up wasting the owner’s time and attention. They attend the open house events and catch the owner’s attention and time. Which can end up serious buyers deprived of the required time and attention of the owner.


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