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Delaying your divorce to save marriages

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The Reasons to Stop Delaying Your Divorce and Go With It Now

When considering divorce, it is best to be proactive about the process. When people think of divorcing their spouse, they will delay avoiding angering or upsetting that spouse. However, there are multiple reasons why waiting too long to maintain peace with your ex can negatively affect you and civil procedure. There are some reasons why it is best to get your divorce over with as soon as possible.

1)You need to take advantage of valuable assets.

The longer you remain married, the more opportunities you have missed to take advantage of valuable assets, especially if children are involved. For example, if there are child support advantages for being considered the custodial parent, the best time to take advantage of that is when the children are young, so best to file for divorce as early as possible.

2)You can face criminal penalties.

There is something known as bigamy, which is illegal in all 50 states, and if you continue to remain married while dating other people, you could face legal penalties. In addition, depending on where you live, once your divorce is finalized, it may become difficult or impossible to remarry legally until six months or more. By waiting too long between filing for it and completing it, you run the risk of not only missing out further on valuable assets but also legal penalties.

3)You cannot make significant decisions about your future.

When waiting too long after filing for divorce before finalizing it, you may find yourself stuck in a particular location. For example, suppose you expect to have the house upon which your ex is still living but ultimately decides not to leave for whatever reason. In that case, you cannot make any significant decisions about your future until the it is finalized. In addition, divorce can be incredibly frustrating when children are involved because it means staying in an unhappy situation because of legal limitations.

The best time for child custody battles is early.

The best time for child custody negotiations involves when the children are young, before they start school or begin changing their minds about who they want to live with all the time. Often, the children’s best interest will be used as justification for delaying your divorce beyond what is best for you and your happiness. However, the best time to file for divorce is as soon as possible so that you can take advantage of valuable assets and the best chance at custody.

4)The best time to get an uncontested divorce is now.

Many people consider filing for a contested divorce. Because they worry about having to pay additional fees or going through a complicated process, an uncontested divorce can be done without going to court by agreeing on the division of assets, debts, and child support. In addition, they are getting your uncontested divorce over with as soon as possible. This means not only avoiding potential criminal penalties. But also the best way for spouses who do not want to fight over custody or assets.


The divorce process should be completed early enough to prevent losing important assets. Enduring penal penalties for a crime and having to take an unhappy circumstance. So that you can get custody, and this is also the best method to ensure. Your spouse wants to refrain from arguing over the control of their assets. It is recommended to do this by filing for divorce right away once you’ve decided to do so instead of delaying the process due to reasons of any kind.


Suppose you have any further queries about your specific situation. Or would like to know more about possible criminal consequences for delaying a divorce. Contact a law firm known as Berfas & Associates. They are one of the best divorce lawyers in New York. And can answer any questions related to divorce and other legal issues.

If you need a divorce lawyer in New York, we recommend contacting Berfas & Associates. They are one of the best divorce lawyers in New York. And can help through this challenging time with your divorce case. Call (443) 813-9450 or contact them online to set up an appointment for a free consultation. There is no obligation to use their services or pay them anything unless you go into a contract with them. Please keep in mind that the above article is not legal advice. And does not create an attorney-client relationship between you and Berfas & Associates. Suppose you have further questions about your specific situation or would like to know more about possible criminal consequences. To delay a divorce, contact them today.


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