Defining Heritage and Culture with Bridal Dresses


The greatest thing about Pakistani culture is its elegance. A number of ethnicities and rituals are profoundly treasured and valued. Whether its marriage ceremonies, or any other fiestas, everything has their own exclusivity and with it comes their idiosyncratic tint, essence, and flavor. When it comes to Pakistani weddings, brides can be seen flaunting their beautiful wedding dresses and one of the best bridal looks that are highly cherished and adored, are from Rici Melion.

Rici Melion is a luxury designer label that deals in bespoke and ready-to-wear mens and womenswear clothing, accessories and footwear. Bridal dresses by Rici Melion are a true depiction of the country’s rich heritage with the use of hand embellishments like gota, dabka, sitara, moti, zardozi, tilla etc. Especially the nikkah dresses that have a distinctive type of embellishments in them and is well-regarded among the clients for their originality and deep-rooted history.

The Pakistani wedding dresses by Rici Melion feature a twist in their handcrafted attires that make the final garment look customary, personalized yet magnificent and exquisite. The brands signature gold and silver accents on the bodice add to the exquisite and divine panache for the wedding dresses for girls.

Rici Melion provides wedding solutions for everyone, not only with the help of its flagship store but also a platform for online shopping in Pakistan and globally. The Pakistani bridal dresses at Rici Melion are made in accordance to the exact measurements and personalized details of the patrons, for they are given a chance to live their perfect fairytale moment with their choice of outfit on their big day.

Making the Finest Bridal Dresses for Barat

Pakistani weddings are known to be flamboyant and flashy for one. The music, the giggling and the dances are uncontrolled. The food is likewise a significant piece of the merriments. As for the dulhan dress, the bridal dresses for barat are appealing and extravagant. The gota and dabka work majorly for captivating the dress which makes for an astonishing presentation and Rici Melion crafts just that. Some of the latest bridal dresses by Rici Melion are also seen having mirror and needle work for brides who like to keep it minimal.

For brides-to-be, looking for barat dresses, to make a notable and unforgettable statement on their big day, Rici Melion atelier is a must visit. The brand is not only known well for its design philosophy and accurately made to measure garments, but also the color palette that every new bridal dress is constructed in. However, shade itself isn’t essentially rare, but how the brand combines it into the outfits, makes it irreplaceable.

Rici Melion also provides the service of online shopping in Lahore, nationwide and globally as well with easy payment options like bank transfer and cash on delivery depending on the location and customer requirement. The brand not only provides online clothes shopping for ready-to-wear or low priced products but for couture pieces as well, which involves high risk. However, Rici Melion, with its excellent after sale services, makes online shopping convenient, easier and comfortable for all its patrons.

The most Élite Pakistani Bridal Dresses with Prices

Apart from barat dresses, Rici Melion deals in exquisite mehndi dress for bride and luxury formals as well. If you want bridal mehndi dresses that are sure to be remembered and can be passed on to generations to come, consider Rici Melion couture which is more traditional with graceful and agile accents, adding a component of extravagance without wanting to go overboard. Rici Melion has a variety of options available in Pakistani wedding dresses with prices for women who want to feel and look their best on the most important day of their life.

Explore Pakistani bridal dresses with prices at Rici Melion and add a chic twist to the traditional ensemble by choosing something edgy. Pakistani bridal dresses for walima by Rici Melion are inspired by the begums of the former epoch who are a living instance of the bygone glory and grandeur who showcased refinement, poise and allure and personified high culture through her personal style. Rici Melion has also introduced a size measurement app where sizes can be virtually detected for individuals who wish to place order via online shopping in Pakistan.

Exceptionality of Wedding Dresses

Wedding dresses designed for brides are not just sheer ensembles but a real representation of our ethos and folklore. Exceptional expertise are required to turn all bridal dresses into something that every bride-to-be wants to opt for. Therefore, Rici Melion brings out the best artistry to design a range of enthralling wedding dresses for girls. Nikkah dresses by the brand are handcrafted with complementary colors in thread and seesha work. Rici Melion is majorly known for crafting Pakistani wedding dresses with fine, elaborated and distinctive embellishments and flourishes thrown all over the attire.

The Pakistani bridal dresses are seen sparkling with zardozi, drop pearls, naqshi, moti, sitara, dabka and gota all over the Rici Melion womenswear atelier. For online dresses shopping, the brand also provides easy payment options along with after sale services to assure customer satisfaction. Rici Melion has given a new name to luxury, sophistication and finesses when it comes to couture pieces. From contrasting hues to luxurious embellishments, fine craftsmanship and premium stitching, this is what makes Rici Melion an exclusive designer luxury brand.

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