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Decluttering Your Home

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When people decluttering their home, it seems like exhausting, but least we know that, it is actually like doing exercise it benefits them. As you start decluttering, you feel better, and you want to keep going and constantly maintain it. In addition, this is good for your mind and body. Here is the list of things you must do to have a successfully home decluttering

First Step: Make One Decision

First step, one must do when decluttering is to focus on one room at a time because if you declutter several rooms together at the same time, for sure, you will not finish the decluttering or it will cost you more time.

When you start decluttering in one room, take many containers with you. You will need:

  • Trash bags for rubbish
  • Container for things you want to give to charity or the less fortunate
  • And a container for the things you want to keep
  • Optional, container for those things that can be sold, if you don’t want to donate it, because every trash to a person is a treasure to others
  • Bring vacuum cleaner, broom, feather duster, a mop, or any other cleaning tools you must have. I suggest you used organic cleaning chemicals.

Clear your mind and strengthen your decision when decluttering. Your decision-making is necessary when decluttering either you keep it, sell it or donate it. Low decision-making might cause you time and failure to declutter.

Items to Sell or Donate

When there are too many items you remove from your house you may need someone to get the item, For example, you can hire a rubbish removal service for them to recycle or a removal service to deliver items to charities.

Hiring a removal service for the items you’re selling may seem not necessary, but it actually beneficial for you because;

  • It won’t hassle you more
  • It will deliver safely
  • And as of now the important thing is that you won’t meet people face to face especially in this pandemic

Hiring a rubbish removal service is also beneficial because:

  • It will lessen your time decluttering
  • They will recycle the items you throw and lead to another owner because these service usually believes that your trash is treasure to others
  • When you used their service, it will be  beneficial to their charity too

When all big items are gone, much easier for you to declutter and organized. The sense when you saw your house less items can make you relaxing and much easier for you to declutter.

Start Cleaning

Start sweeping your floor, throwing the rubbish, dusting every corner and items you have until you are satisfied. If you are not satisfied, then hire some professional cleaning service. Once your space is cleaned and cleared. Consider designing your room and be artful, this is a way to refresh your home atmosphere like new though my advice is that you should not do too much, I suggest that you should be a minimalist

Do Some Rearranging and Organizing

When your items are already lessened and you are finished cleaning, you can now do with the arrangement and organizing. For example, you can now, organized and rearrange your sport shoes and formal shoes, your shirts and shorts, things that are valuable to you, your toys or makeup, put your desk in front of the window or face the rest of your home, until you are satisfied. When you are finish decluttering just enjoy and relaxed, feel the breezed of your hard work.

Physical and Mental Benefits

There are many benefits in mental and physical health when decluttering. The first benefits of decluttering is that it will boost your thought processing and creativity since you felt relaxed. Looking at your room clear and clean, is like a slave receiving a freedom with full of joy and hope, it means that it creates vitamins to your body and spirit.

Decluttering also create positive bonding with our family, it teaches us to help one another, also help us realize that clean environment is better than clutter environment.

There are many ways to declutter, it actually depends on the person on how he handles it, just do not forget that if you are having a problem with decluttering do not hesitate to call for help to the professionals.


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