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Declutter Your Digital Space: 6 Effective Cleaning Tips for Your Smartphone

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One might not consider the amount of remaining storage on an iOS device until one encounters an obstacle while attempting to update the operating system or download new applications. Suddenly, every item on the phone becomes precious, and one begins researching the cost of purchasing a phone with more memory.

Before taking that step, there is some friendly advice available on the optimal method for relocating files that one wishes to retain in order to free up space. Here are some proven ways to free up memory on iPhone.

Best ways to clear storage on iPhone

#1 Analyze memory

When scrolling down under Storage, the user will find a comprehensive list of all their apps, organized based on the space they consume. By selecting any app, a new page will display the usage in two parts: the app’s own space usage (shown at the top in light gray) and the space occupied by the app’s data and documents. For instance, the user may notice that their downloaded Spotify playlists and podcasts are using up to 1.59 GB, while their messages are currently occupying 4.3 GB. This information can help the user realize that it’s not solely the app itself taking up space, but rather the content stored within it.

#2 Get rid of unnecessary apps

On the device storage page, users can locate and identify unused apps. By tapping on these apps and selecting the “Delete App” option, they can remove them from their device. It is important to note that any purchased app can be re-downloaded from the App Store at no additional cost.

To delete apps from the home screen, users can simply place their finger on the app they wish to remove and hold. This will prompt the app to pop forward, presenting users with options to remove, share, or edit their home screen. To proceed with app removal, users can tap on the “Remove App” option.

#3 Use a memory cleaner app

There are special applications that perform smart cleaning. The CleanUp app analyzes the smartphone’s memory and finds garbage in it. This category includes duplicates, cache, and cookies of applications, content downloaded in messengers, and so on. It is not at all necessary to wait until the system asks you to clean up more memory on your device. With CleanUp – App Store you can boost your phone in 1-2 minutes without harming your personal data. Efficiency depends on how cluttered your device is. Sometimes it is possible to clear several tens of gigabytes in such a simple way.

#4 Delete photos you don’t need

If one is encountering a situation where their iPhone is running out of storage due to an excessive amount of photos, it may be worth considering the removal of unwanted ones. For instance, people often capture screenshots of train schedules during their commute. Deleting screenshots can be effortlessly accomplished by navigating to the Photos app, selecting Albums, choosing Screenshots, and effectively deleting all or specifically chosen items.

#5 Wade out of the stream

Photo Stream provides a seamless method for sharing photos across iOS devices. Users can activate it on their Apple devices, and when these devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi network, photos taken on one device, such as an iPhone, will automatically appear on others, like an iPad. My Photo Stream can store up to 1,000 photos (Opens in a new window). If storing photos on a single device is sufficient, users can easily disable Photo Stream by navigating to Settings > Photos and toggling My Photo Stream off.

#6 Delete images from Messages

Another way for users to save a significant amount of space on their iPhones is by deleting images shared through Messages. It is important to note that users might have sentimental images they wish to keep, so caution is advised.

This option proves useful for users who prefer not to mass delete numerous images. By removing large-sized images and other media files associated with iMessage, users can effectively free up storage space.

In order to open a conversation, the user can follow these steps:

  1. They need to tap and hold an image within the thread. Above the image, they will see reaction icons such as a heart, thumbs up, and more. At the bottom, there will be a further menu.
  2. Next, they should tap on “More,” where they will find little circles next to each message and image. The one they tapped and held will already be selected.
  3. To delete multiple images or other files, they can select as many as they wish. Then, they should tap on the bin icon located at the bottom left corner.


These are just some of the ways to free up memory on an iPhone. Remember, a little planning goes a long way when it comes to freeing up storage space and decluttering your digital life. Therefore, it is important to be mindful of the content one stores on their device and regularly take time to delete unwanted files or apps from their device.


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