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Debunking the Most Common Roofing Industry Myths That Exist Today


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Debunking the Most Common Roofing Industry Myths That Exist Today, The internet will be your first source of information when planning to install a new roof or repair the existing one. You want to get information on the best roofing materials to use and the expert roofers to hire. However, be cautious about the sources you use to get this information.

The reason is that the internet is full of roofing industry myths. So, these myths will mislead you into making the wrong decisions and, for instance, choosing the wrong roofing materials or hiring incompetent roofers. 

To avoid making these mistakes, keep reading this blog as it debunks the most common roofing industry myths that exist today. 

Metal Roofs Lowers the Property Value

When considering installing a new roof, metal will most likely be among the top materials you review. The reason is that metal roofs are long-lasting and fire-resistant. You may, however, be discouraged from choosing metal roofing when you believe the myth that they lower your home’s value. 

The great thing is that this isn’t accurate, as studies show that a metal roof will boost your home’s value. To get more information on the best roofing materials for a given location, consult professional roofers. So, you’ll learn the key things to check when comparing different roofing materials for this location

You Should Only Hire Experts for Major Roofing Projects

With the help of the internet, you may feel like you can do all home improvement projects yourself. So, no need to waste money hiring the best roofing contractors. However, roofing is not like other home projects as there many dangers you’ll face. 

In addition, you’re going to cause more damages to your roof when trying to repair it yourself. So, to curb these risks, you should choose to hire the best roofing company. The experts will adhere to the set roofing safety guidelines and know where to step to avoid damaging your roof. 

It’s Okay to Re-Roof Over Existing Shingles

To cut costs, you may decide to install new shingles over the old ones. Besides, there are so many people on the internet saying that it’s okay to do it. However, people making these claims have zero roofing expertise and are only misleading. 

The reason is that your roof cannot support the excess weight, and this causes structural weakness. So, with time the roof will collapse, and you’ll incur a huge cost replacing it. To overcome this problem, you should avoid installing new shingles over the old ones. 

Also, if you’re uncertain about whether you need new shingles, seek the guidance of the top local roofers.  

Make Smart Decisions by Ignoring Roofing Industry Myths

By debunking the common roofing industry myths, you’ll avoid fatal mistakes like trying to repair the roof yourself. You understand that to enhance safety, you need to hire professional roofers. So, you’ll rely on the advice of these experts when planning to install a new roof or repair the old one. 

To get more practical home improvement tips, please see our other articles. 

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