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Dealing with the Concept of Tyre Rotation

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Who wouldn’t love to have a nice, well-maintained car? But what if, you have recently fitted new tyres with hefty alloys, paid huge amounts for the new tyres, and after some time, they stop functioning properly? What if they start to rust or wear out? The basic purpose of tyre rotation is to help the tyres to sustain longer and to even out the amount of wear and tear on each Goodyear Tyres Handsworth. There is always an owner’s manual that needs to be referred to every time before rotating the tyres.

This blog will mainly deal with the concept of tyre rotation, how is tyre rotation beneficial, and at what times should the tyre be rotated.

What’s the discussion all about? : The Tyre rotation

To maintain an even amount of wear on all four tyres of a vehicle, the tyres need to be rotated periodically. tyre rotation increases the longevity of the tyres and also provides better gas mileage. To increase the life of a car’s suspension components, tyre rotation is an important criterion for the same, as it would reduce any such vibrations made, which would affect the car’s suspension.

We know the fact that we will have to remove the wheels for tyre rotation. In such a scenario, we will be able to check for any damage to the tyres at an early stage and can even prevent the possibility of car accidents and car breakdowns.

You can also rotate your tyres, as and when you change the oil. Many tyre manufacturers clearly state the importance of tyre rotation to maintain the validity of their mileage warranty. Everything is mentioned in the user manual, as to when the tyres need to rotate and how they are supposed to be rotated?


Cars like Audi, BMW, VW and many others, these cars are usually front-wheel-drive cars in India. The weight of a car, like in the case of front-wheel cars, can serve as a reason for the wearing of tyres, among different other reasons. The tyres have to carry the whole weight of the front axle and the engine, and also have to manage the braking and accidental damages from the parking.

The second reason for the wearing of tyres could be uneven alignment and wrong pressure on the tyre. If there is any inappropriate weight distribution, the front tyres can wear out easily and more quickly than the ones at the back.

So if you ever listen to a whirring sound while driving on smooth roads, it is an important indication that your Tyres Handsworth is to be rotated and that the tread is no longer even.

If you own a four-wheel drive, then you should rotate your tyres regularly, after every 5,000 miles. It has been openly suggested by car manufacturers that the preferred timing of rotating your tyre is after the completion of 6,000-8,000 miles.


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