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Deal With Tragedies Like British Columbia CEO of Health Benoit Morin

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We all go through some difficulties in our lives that challenge our abilities to a great extent. Whether we face those difficulties well or not, they are still life lessons for us. But some people face those difficulties extraordinarily that they become an inspiration for people around them. We can learn something from everyone around us. But, if we wish to learn qualities like dedication and commitment then we can learn them from British Columbia CEO of Health (British Columbia PDG de la santé), Benoit Morin.

Like most of us

Benoit Morin belonged to a working-class family, where parents were forced to work hard to give their children a good life. Benoit Morin’s life was also full of tragedies, compromises, and hard work. Before being appointed as a British Columbia CEO of Health (British Columbia PDG de la santé), he had to struggle like all of us, maybe more than us.

Benoit Morin also had a normal childhood like most of the kids. He went to school, participated in extra-curricular activities, had a normal life like most of us. At that time, he never thought that he would become a Columbia CEO of Health (British Columbia PDG de la santé) later in life. However, things turned out tragically for him that made him go into this field.

Thirty years back

When Benoit Morin’s father was diagnosed with bone cancer, was the turning point in Benoit Morin’s life. Earlier he did not focus on becoming a British Columbia CEO of Health (British Columbia PDG de la santé), but what happened next shattered everything within a second. While his father was ill, the physician tried to use his father for his research work instead of giving him treatment. Due to this medical insensibility and negligence, his father passed away. That was the time when Benoit Morin made his mind to make efforts and not let such medical negligence happen again.

After this, Benoit Morin worked hard and put all his efforts to contribute something to making the health care system better. In the year 2012, Benoit Morin was nominated for the position of British Columbia CEO of Health (British Columbia PDG de la santé) for the first time. After that, he never looked back, and currently, he is the British Columbia Health CEO of West Island Health Center.

In a nutshell

We can say that Benoit Morin dealt with the tragedy in his life in such a way that helped him grow as a more responsible and sensible human being.


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