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Data Recovery Process Steps

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Data recovery process at NOW DATA RECOVERY COMPANY

Four-step data recovery procedure followed by data recovery:

Step 1: Consultation

Consultation by phone or online on what measures (precautions and data loss procedures) to take in the event of a data crisis. We will explain our data recovery process to ensure that the media is handled with care after a failure.

A non-disclosure agreement (NDA) will be signed by corporate and business clients to ensure data confidentiality from media presentation to data delivery.

The drive can be delivered to our office located in Bangalore, or it can be picked up and dropped to the location of the customer and user (currently available service in the recovery laboratory in Bangalore location) or a personal visit to our office in another city or country. via courier service.

Step 2: media analysis

• Broken media is analyzed in a 100-class Clean Lab to determine the cause of the data crisis and select the most appropriate data recovery approach. Based on the likelihood of damaged media availability and the level of data crisis, a basic recovery process is performed and sample data is analyzed and validated. The percentile of the data recovery capability has been calculated. The time required to recover is calculated based on the type of failure and the client’s data requirements. We design a recovery workflow for each media submitted according to the conditions.

• A diagnostic report is submitted to the customer for approval, along with the amount of time required for recovery, the recoverability percentile, and price. Note. Pricing / cost of data recovery may vary depending on the size of the corrupted media provided, from which the data is to be recovered, the fee does not depend on the base volume of recovery from the media in GB or MB. For a detailed price list, see here.

• Rough analysis of multimedia. Time frame: 4 to 8 hours from receipt of the hard drive, and this also depends on the size of the drive or data and the location of spare parts.

Step 3: data recovery

• Data recovery starts after confirmation from the client. Confirmation can be done by email, phone or by contacting directly with the percentage of recovery, the required time frame, cost and method of payment.

• After recovery is complete, files are checked for data validity to ensure the quality of the recovery and the format of the recovered files. Directory lists in a text file (or at the client’s request) are sent to the client to validate and validate the file type and file names. Alternatively, the customer can visit us to verify the data and verify the integrity of the data. Because we follow professional recovery procedures. Data confidentiality is maintained as we conduct software verification to verify the data recovered from the media.

• Estimated data recovery time: typically 1 day for logical problems, 2 to 4 days for non-physical problems, and 4 to 15 days for physical problems.

Step 4: Delivering Data

• Delivery is carried out in accordance with the Time frame and the percentage of data agreed for recovery, and the cost agreed with the Client. After confirmation of payment, the data will be copied to the medium of your choice – CD, DVD up to 10 GB (the nominal value of the CD / DVD must be provided by the client). Customers need more than 10 GB of data. Provide a backup of your hard drive, flash drive, laptop or desktop hard drive for data backup with appropriate free space. Small data can be uploaded over the Internet to the cloud or via FTP. We will follow the same data recovery process for our clients to keep data as accurate as possible on every medium. The data will be securely deleted from our server to maintain confidentiality.

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