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Data analytics courses and the technical skills you gather from them

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From major industries to academia, there are tons of data analyst vacancies listed on various online platforms for job-hunting. But, how to become a professional in the field of data analytics, and where to start? Do they provide data analytics courses online? Do they provide a degree?

These are some of the frequently asked questions that you will find on the internet. They might seem overwhelming, but do not let them get to you. There are many aspirants of data analytics, and they manage to get it right by going to the right mentors. Let’s observe what they have to offer. It will help you explore available options, and choose the right career path for yourself. There are numerous institutes out there who provide coaching in data analytics. What you can do is visit their websites and give their review sections a  thorough read. Also, beware of  fake reviews. Analytixlabs student reviews is a great place to look at. The reviews there are great and authentic.

Let us first look at two technical skills you will need for a data analytics program —

Database Manipulation and Statistical Programming

When you become a data analyst, you will need to use some database languages. They are SQL, Python, and R. For connecting data points, and running queries, you will need to get comfortable with SQL. For conducting data analysis, a large amount of substantial data will have to get interpreted, and for that, you will be required to be efficient in Python and R.

Data Visualisation

The role of a data analyst is to present the results in an engaging and coherent manner to the audience, who, for instance, might not hail from a technical background. For this, you must know the basics of visualisation. This section also requires you to be fluent with languages and tools, such as, Python, presentations, spreadsheets, and others.

Let us now take a look at two kinds of data analytics courses.

Data Analytics Degree Course

Undergraduate degree courses in data analytics usually take up to four years in India. A postgraduate degree will take another two years. However, there are several BTech and BSc degrees that offer data analytics as elective. One problem with this structure is that the university syllabus lacks the latest updates and industry advancements. Faculties are often found to have no real experience required to make a person all set for a job. There is no guarantee of a job that you dreamt of. Most importantly, they often set you up for jobs that are not directly associated with data analytic.

Data Analytics Online Course

In India, data analytics aspirants are required to have a degree in either mathematics, statistics, or computer science. Then, they can pursue an online course. Online data analytic courses typically take four to six months to complete. Furthermore, they keep themselves updated with the latest industry standards, and you can learn at your preferred time as well. So, online data analytic courses are way more convenient than any other option.


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