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The Importance of Choosing the Right Wedding Dress

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When it comes to your wedding, you need to pay attention to every little detail. Having the wedding of your dreams requires you to be wise enough to select the right wedding dress for your big day.

Selecting the perfect wedding dress is an important factor that plays a key role in offering you the best moments. You can hire custom wedding dress makers UK to help you get a wedding dress that suits your body shape.

Being a girl, you always desire to look your best on your wedding day. All the eyes are on the bride when she walks down the aisle and performs her dance. Guests keep looking at the bride when she mingles with them, so she needs to look perfect in every matter.

Hiring a professional dress designer for your wedding can help you look your best. These professional designers can help you get a perfect wedding dress by considering your demands, as well as body shape.

Different Types of Body Shapes and Wedding Dresses:

Dress designers pay huge importance to the bride’s body shape while deciding the particular type of wedding dress for her. This is because it is the body shape that helps one get the perfect wedding dress.

If you do not wear a wedding dress by considering your body shape, you may not look your best. This may result in destroying your big day. Therefore, it is necessary to consult custom wedding dress makers UK to get a wedding dress that meets your body requirements.

·        Wedding Dress for Pear-Shaped Body:

Pear-shaped bodies are usually easy to accommodate as compared to other types of body shapes. This body shape has wider hips and a narrow waist. It is the most common type of body shape in different world areas, so designers find it easy to deal with a pear-shaped body.

Custom wedding dress makers cater to this particular type of body shape by creating a balance between the waist and shoulders. They do so by creating a neckline that flows outwards towards the shoulders.

As a result of this, you can easily open up your sternum area and look divine beauty. Designers also add details on the bodice to help these brides look their best. Professional wedding dress designers usually add a belt to keep your waist accentuated.

They allow your waist to drop a little lower with the help of a belt and then allow your dress to flare out a little lower from your waistline. When the flares are just above your hips, it creates an illusion as if your hips are not wide.

Hips appear narrower because the flares come in vertical lines. This helps you cover your narrow waist and wider hips in the best way ever.

·        Wedding dress for Hour-Glass Body:

Wedding dress designers also find it easy to cater to the needs of this particular body shape. This body shape has wider hips, just like a pear-shaped body. However, it has a very narrow waist and a narrow bust too.

People usually consider this body shape to be an ideal one. This is because it allows them to dress in a way they want to. This body shape also helps one to enjoy the perfect proportion between shoulders, waist, and hips.

There is no need to put extra effort into hiding some features when you have this body shape. Hour-glass body shape allows you to look the way you are, perfect and beautiful in your own way.

Designers can easily complement your narrow waistline by creating a line in the waist. Designers usually do so by using dark colors on the lower body and a nude color on the bodice. Hour-glass body shape also allows you to pull off the halter neckline. Halter necklines usually do not go well with other types of body shapes.

Moreover, halter necklines also help you to elongate your body figure as long as you want. You can prefer to wear a shift dress that goes straight down and maintains your body shape.

·        Wedding Dress for Apple-Shaped Body:

Apple-shaped bodies have narrower hips with a bigger bust and a round tummy. This type of body shape has more weight around the breast tissues. Along with this, the backside also carries more weight as compared to other portions of the body.

So, for this body shape, designers design something that can help them complement the bride’s back as well. So, for this, they create a thick waistline around the waist to make it look narrower.

You don’t need to chop your bodice, but you can elongate it by adding a V-line. For this purpose, your dress designer may advise you to wear a strapless dress or a dress that comes with a sweetheart neckline.

You can hide your protruding tummy by creating pleads over it. It appears as vertical lines running down and thus helps you get an elongated, flowing, and soft look. Thus, hiring a professional dress designer can help you cover your body flaws by suggesting ideas like this.

·        Wedding Dress for Rectangular Shaped Body:

Rectangular body shape usually does not have a proper definition from shoulders to waist and hips. So, for this purpose, professional wedding dress designers create something that can help them indicate the body curves of the wearer.

For this purpose, they use a softer neckline and add diagonal lines. Dress designers can also use highly fitted dresses for brides with rectangular body shapes. The tight-fitting of a wedding dress helps to show your curves most efficiently.

Wedding dress designers create a curvier body shape by adding volume underneath the waistline. As a result of this, the volume comes out from the sides and adds more curves to your body.

People with rectangular body shapes usually prefer to wear fitted silhouettes to add definition to their bodies. So, a rectangular silhouette turns out to be the best option when you want to add volume underneath your waistline.


Taking help from professional wedding dress designers is of significant importance in getting the right wedding dress according to your body shape. So, one must hire them to have a wedding dress that makes one look her best.


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