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What kind of Popcorn Boxes do you need for Birthday Events?

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Popcorns are craving snacks, and most people like to eat popcorns. Now, these cravings have become the most favorite of children. With the passage of time, popcorn companies also innovate their traditional snacks, nowadays different tastes of popcorns are available in the market. Because of their different tastes of popcorn, these snacks are not only eaten while watching the movie but also in many events. You can use Custom Printed Popcorn Boxes for the packaging of popcorns in many events.

Printed Custom Designs on Popcorns Boxes

There are many designs that you can use for birthday events and make your event memorable.

  • Quote Printed Popcorn Boxes: In the customization, you can print your quotes on popcorn boxes. For example, at the birthday event, you can print “Happy Birthday”, the name of the birthday person, or best wishes on the boxes.
  • Year Telling Popcorn Boxes: You can print birthday year on the custom popcorn boxes. For instance, your child is of 4 years, and you print “4” on your boxes.  
  • Print Games: You can print different games on boxes so that your audience can enjoy the game while enjoying your birthday party.
  • Polka Dots Printed: These are the customized popcorn boxes printed with different color dots on the boxes and look attractive.
  • Abstract Design: You can print any abstract design on popcorn boxes. This is the decent design that is available in packaging.
  • Zigzag Printed Lines: You can print zigzag lines of the same or different colors on the custom popcorns boxes
  • Single/Same Color Printing: You can print your boxes in one color that you want to print. You also use the birthday theme color for your popcorn boxes.
  • Embellished Items for packaging: You can embellish ribbons, butterflies, cakes, cards, or anything you want to embellish on the custom popcorns boxes.
  • Foiling of Popcorn Boxes: You can use foil packaging for the popcorn . It gives a shiny look to your packaging of popcorn boxes. You can also print quotations with foil material on the dark color custom popcorn boxes.

Different Styles of Popcorn Packaging Boxes

Custom Popcorn should be different in the different events so that you can design different styles for them. Following are some styles of popcorn that you can use at birthday events.

Scalloped Popcorn Boxes

Scalloped popcorn are commonly used for the packaging of popcorns. This style helps you handle a box easily because its width is less from the bottom and can increase to its head. Mostly you can use scalloped shaped for wholesale popcorns boxes.

Popcorn Buckets

Custom Popcorn

You can use popcorn buckets for providing popcorns in bulk for a family on your birthday events. It can decrease your cost of packaging. You can also design the above points or anything you want on these large size custom boxes.

Seal end Boxes

Custom popcorn Packaging

These boxes are in vertical rectangular shapes and can be suitable for shipping. These boxes can be open from both sides. You can customize it as well, you can print birthday quotes on it can use it for custom popcorn packaging as well.

Popcorn Boxes with handles

Custom Pop Boxes

Popcorns are consist of small size snacks, and they may difficult to handle sometimes. So packaging industry help you in this situation they offer boxes with handle. You can easily handle your box with the help of a handle. In birthday events there are many people so with the help of handle, risk of wasting popcorns is reduced.

Difference between Popcorn Boxes, Cups and Cones

Popcorn Boxes

Popcorn can be served in a variety of shapes, there are different styles of boxes, cups, and cones. There are different materials used in the manufacturing of boxes, cups, and cones. Material is used in boxes, and cups are mostly of cardboard. Cardboard is good quality material, and it can protect your product effectively. Moreover, in the case of cones, they are made up of kraft paper. In addition to this, kraft paper is less expensive and lightweight.

Different popcorns boxes are also used to differentiate between the number of popcorns. Similarly, boxes have a large variety of sizes, and you can also customize your sizes according to your need. Furthermore, boxes are used to serve a large number of popcorns, cups are used for a medium quantity of popcorns, and cones are used for small serving small amounts of popcorns.

You can also customize any box that you are using for the packaging of the popcorns. For marketing purposes, you can print your company logo, company name for branding purposes. You cannot only use Custom Printed Boxes for the branding but also use them for special events.


There are many styles for the printing of Custom Boxes you can design it yourself. Moreover, there are also many styles for the packaging of popcorns so that you can also style your packaging according to discussed quantity for the popcorns.


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