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Go for Adopting Latest Techniques in Transforming Custom Pillow Boxes

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Every brand out there loves to have great product packaging. So, if you are selling various delicate goods, then make them pack in elegant custom pillow boxes.

You can encase goods like cosmetics, fragrances, jewelry, etc., in a special kind of pillow packaging. There are various companies out there who offer pillow custom boxes to enhance your shop sales chart.

Go for selecting between endless colors, outstanding designs, whimsical styles, and sizes to match your wholesale boxes experience.

All you require to do is to enhance your brand identity by offering great pillow box packaging. So, how can you enhance the brand identity? You can do this by following the below listed latest techniques:

Create Your Brand Design

Before starting the design part just look into the incredible design components which can help you. It is important that you start from the base and create the foundation of your design. Focus on the design structure. The design structure plays a crucial role in developing your brand identity. So, decide the basis of your design, like structure a logo and do thematic mapping of your brand. 

Add the Magic of Typography on Custom Pillow Boxes

Typography refers to font, and you can utilize the typography tool for your small and large pillow boxes branding purpose. Make sure that your brand utilizes a unique font style that can make you look famous among the market crowd. Your logo font must be outstanding and eye-captivating.

You can also avail of large pillow boxes wholesale at a great price by hiring competent company services.

The following listed are four essential types of typography:

Display Fonts

Display fonts have their own uniqueness. However, each display font comprises an attractive component. It can be of unusual shape, letters, shadowing, outlines, or can be artistic with hand-drawn edges like the bold font.                 

If you want to make a unique and highlighted statement regarding your brand identity that people will always remember then get a pillow box with window displays. Your products will look amazing in the window display box, along with the display font.

Script Typography

Script typography is a kind of cursive handwriting. Add this font shows the delicacy of your products to give the customers a luxurious feel.

Serif fonts

Serif fonts involve Times New Roman and Garamond font forms. This font style is perfect if you want to create your brand image, traditional or trustworthy. It gives a kind of old-school feel.

The font forms such as Helvetica and franklin gothic have smooth edges and don’t contain the anchor or feet. However, the sans serif font provides a sleek and modern feel regarding the brand.

Don’t forget the Inclusion of Shapes

Don’t forget to decide the shape and form of the design. The forms and shapes imprinted on the pillow boxes convey meanings. So, be careful while selecting the shapes. For example, if you structure your brand logo in a circle form with soft edges as compared to the logo in square form with sharp edges, however, both styles will gather a different reaction. 

Read below to know how shapes and designs can influence your pillow packaging:

Straight edges shapes

The straight edges shapes comprise squares, rectangles, and triangles. For pillow box packaging, you can utilize these shapes by adding fun dynamics and colors to get connected with your customers.

Straight Lines

The straight lines are the vertical style lines that provides amazing vibes. The pillow boxes with handle with the addition of straight lines will look tremendous.

Round shapes

The round shapes comprise circles, ovals, and ellipses which all give a warm feel. While incorporating round shapes for your corrugated pillow boxes, you will promote the feeling of love. However, give a smooth look to the box by opting for this kind of shape.

Importance of Color Palette

Color always gives an awesome feeling. People who are buying your products have psychological ties to various colors, and utilizing these branding colors and logo colors can have a serious impact on your sales chart and the precision of how your brand is perceived by the audience.

The below listed are the colors which can guide you well to enhance your brand identity:


The red color shows excitement and passion. You can adopt this color at special events. For instance, the Christmas packaging for custom pillow boxes wholesale in red color will look outstanding and attractive. 


Orange color comprises high energy and is great if you want to show your pillow packaging playful. You can utilize this color for Halloween pillow boxes.


Yellow is the color that shows happiness, so this color will make your pillow boxes look enthralling. So, grab affordable custom boxes to encase your goods.


The green color shows versatility. It can be utilized for your products nicely. People see green color as for money or nature. 


The blue color will help your brand to appear more stable and trustworthy, so if you want to raise your brand integrity instantly, then get blue pillow boxes.


Purple is the color of luxury and royalty. You can avail of this color packaging for your premium goods range like this color will look best for pillow boxes for hair extensions.


The pink color is culturally tied to femininity. Additionally, this color provides a soft or luxurious identity. You can offer a pink custom pillow box on women’s day.


Black is a very classy color. If you want your brand to be viewed as modern or sophisticated, there is nothing more effective than the black color. However, the black pillow boxes with the addition of gold foiling will look super royal and luxurious.

If you want to avail this kind of amazing pillow custom boxes for your brand, just hire a kwickpackaging company. It is one of the best packaging companies trending nowadays. Moreover, they have good reviews and you will receive your pillow boxes with enthralling artwork and great structure rapidly.


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